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Why Livestock?

Aitkin county had several unfulfilled Livestock trips this year. Both chaperones and youth were disappointed that more exhibitors didn't choose to go down to the State Fair Livestock Weekend. To highlight the importance of this experience youth and chaperones were asked to answer a few easy questions. Here are Andrea & Lenore's responses. 

The questions asked of youth: 

What did you show at the State Fair?
What ribbon did you receive?
What was your favorite part about Livestock Encampment?
Why did you choose to go down to State with your animal/why was it important for you?

Andrea's Response:

This year I showed my Registered Charolais Composite Breeding Beef heifer at the state fair for 4-H Livestock encampment, we received a red ribbon in a tough class against older heifers. My favorite part of the Livestock Encampment is showing my passion and lifestyle to the fair goers who were not brought up the same way I was, and talking to consumers. This year Shianne and I placed second for our consumer education piece, talking to consumers about different cuts of beef using a live heifer as a demonstration. Getting the fair goers involved in a game where they can learn a quick fact and ask us more questions is so beneficial today so that consumers know where their products come from, and its not just important in beef but in every specie. I chose to go down to the state fair because I worked very hard all summer to prepare my heifer, I got her bred in the spring and put a lot of time and money into taking the best care of her that I could, and I wanted to show the fair goers what I do and how passionate I am. Attending the state fair is something we work so hard for, early mornings and late nights spent in the barn, all the sweat and back break teaches us so many valuable life lessons, the little time we spend in the show ring does not compare to everything we learn around it. I hope to see more kids involved in Aitkin County livestock, a community of old farmers and hard workers has no limits! 

Questions asked of chaperones:

Why do you think it's important for our youth to attend Livestock weekend?
What was the best part about Livestock weekend?
What would you say to parents who might be hesitant to send their youth down?

Lenore's Response:

Livestock encampment is an amazing experience and it’s their chance to show everyone just how responsible and capable youth are as they take care of their animals throughout the week. I was so proud that Alaina got a call-back on her interview for goat  (not many 4-Her’s get a call-back  in their specific animal interviews) The beef girls did awesome in their “Speak up for Animal Agriculture” presentation by receiving a second place on their beef display! Our youth have worked so hard throughout the year with their projects/animals and to receive a trip to the state fair is so exciting and rewarding.  The chaperone’s take care to keep the kid’s safe and on task as they have fun – its organized chaos and everyone is helping each other to succeed.  The experience is a fun one!

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