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Winter Activities! (A Little Risk Management)

Activities in the winter provide many great opportunities for 4-H clubs. Note that special activities insurance must be taken out for the events indicated by *** as these events are NOT covered by AIL Annual Group Accident insurance. Snowmobiling and Pulling a sled behind a motor vehicle are not allowed!

Ice fishing
Before participating in winter ice fishing, check the safety of the ice by contacting the local DNR to determine the thickness of the ice. (Example: supports walking)
Never risk walking on ice without determining its thickness and ability to support people and/or vehicles.
Fishing equipment must be available to all 4-H members.
Only adults can use an ice auger.
Only adults can transport a fish house. If using a vehicle or off road motorized vehicle, 4-H members may not drive or ride on the off road motorized vehicle while it is transporting the fish house.
Before participating in this activity, please read Safety When Ice Fishing.
Skiing - cross country
Equipment must be the proper fit for height/weight of the 4-H member.
Only ski on approved trails.
Always stay with the group.
Before participating in this activity, please read Safety When Cross Country Skiing.
Skiing – downhill*** and snowboarding***
For safety reasons, new skiers and snowboarders must take the lesson that is given by facility staff.
Safety helmets and gear:
Skiers are encouraged to wear safety helmets.
Helmets and proper protective gear is required for snowboarding.
4-H members either need to bring a helmet or rent one from the facility.
Ensure equipment is the proper fit for height/weight of the 4-H member.
Make sure all 4-H members follow the buddy system and no 4-H member skis or snowboards alone.
Before participating in this activity:
Skiers need to read Skier Safety Tips.
Snowboarders need to read Snowboard Safety Tips.
Ensure the sledding hill is free from traffic, trees, and foreign obstacles.
It is NOT permitted for 4-H members to do the following: go head first, in tandem, using chains, or tying tubes together or be pulled behind a motorized vehicle.
Before participating in this activity, please read Safety Tips for Sledding.

Check out the full Risk Management Policy here!


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