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4-H club reports showcase happenings in club programs!

4-H club reporters share highlights from their monthly meetings.  New club reports added here each month.  To submit a report, e-mail

Cloverleaf, July 2014 - January 2015
Over the past few months, the Cloverleaf club has been completing many tasks and thinking of more projects to do. In July, many Cloverleaf members brought interesting projects to the fair. Some made it to state to show off their work! Adventurous youth leaders kayaked down the Kinnickinnic River in September.  A food drive for St. Francis High School was also executed by these leaders.  Club Olympics earned us a first, a fifth and an eighth place.  We did our biannual highway ditch cleanup. In November and December, the club members headed to Epiphany church to package boxes of food for families. They also sang carols at Epiphany Pines in December.  In January, the members had a club camp, and the clothing camp is approaching. Each meeting, members do many demonstrations. This year, our theme is safety, and we’ve learned a lot about things like swim safety to ice fishing safety. Many more projects are planned for months ahead. The Cloverleaf club will continue to participate and organize other helpful projects and fun activities for their members.  
Submitted by:  Brooke Paulson

Anoka Northern Star, December 2014
On Dec. 5, the Anoka Northern Stars 4-H club had the chance to give to others for the Christmas season. They made a whopping 71 sandwiches to donate to the Sandwich Project, which gives food to the homeless in Minneapolis. They also made beautiful Christmas cards for the soldiers overseas who couldn’t be home for the holidays. Between the stickers, markers, and imaginations, that colorful pile wasn’t easy to miss! Just knowing that it was helpful was a gift enough, but the Northern Stars were rewarded with a warm thank-you from the unit who had received their gifts. Giving gifts is often thought of as better than receiving, and hopefully these 4-H’ers inspire many to give the gift of caring in the future.
Submitted by:  Caitlin Olgesbee

River Raiders, December 2014
Before the meeting began we tied 7 fleece blankets to donate to A.C.B.C.   During the meeting a motion was passed to give $125 to the Coon Rapids United Methodist Church for letting us use the space to hold the meeting. The Cloverbud activities were led by Cheryl and Zoe Griese and demonstrations were done by Brandon Judd on rabbit furs and Zoe Griese on how to care for a guinea pig.  After the meeting there was a white elephant gift exchange.
Submitted by:  Mackenzi Sewell

Whistling Workers, October 2014
The Whistling Workers held their open house on October 13 at the East Bethel Senior Center.  Members discussed projects they completed over the previous year and displayed ribbons and trophies received for those projects from the Anoka County and State Fairs.  As part of the open house, kids enjoyed designing chutes and mazes, on a felt board, for a marble to pass through.  We also made rockets and of course had treats.  A short meeting was held by President Laura Wyatt.  A fall hay ride and retreat to Camp Salie were planned.
Meetings are held at East Bethel Senior Center on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.   Interested in 4-H, call the Anoka County Extension Office at 763-755-1280 or come to our next meeting.
Submitted by: Katrina Johnson, Club Reporter, Whistling Workers

Cloverleaf, December 2013 - May 2014
The Cloverleaf 4-H club has been planning and participating in many helpful service projects throughout these past few months.  In December, they boxed Christmas meals and cards for families, and went around caroling.  In February, many Cloverleaf 4-H'ers brought projects to share and make in Project Workshop Day, including one about owls, and another one to teach 4-H'ers how to make yarn scarves.  Many Cloverleaf club members participated in all categories of the Communication Arts Contest.  In March, the club decorated Sterling House in Blaine, had fun with the residents, and frosted cookies.  In May, we cleaned the ditches along Viking and participated in Feed My Starving Children.  The activities won’t stop there! The Cloverleaf 4-H club continues doing many fun and helpful things together.  By the way, if any of you are missing a TV remote control, talk to our club!  We found one in the ditch… 
Submitted by:  Brooke Paulson, Club Reporter

Cloverleaf, March 2014
"What Does The Fox Say?" The Cloverleaf club helped people find out at Share The Fun in March!  Their idea for a skit involved the popular Fox Song, as well as provided interesting fox facts.  It started at an Exploring Animals Project Meeting all on foxes, and one 4-H'er had an intriguing question.  What does the fox say? The Cloverleaf club broke out in dance and song, dancing along for each sound the fox made in the song, all in costume! Each participating club member chose an animal in the song and became that animal in their costume! All the dancing exhausted the 4-H'ers, and they collapsed to the floor, ready to be finished.  But the 4-H'er who had asked the question, still didn’t have an answer! The meeting leader was about to tell him an answer from the song, when a professor burst on stage, and explained it for the 4-H'er.  The meeting leader was glad he’d stepped up to explain what the fox actually said, but then she had another animal sounds question for him.  What does the platypus say?  Not another number!  The 4-H'ers dashed off stage, not wanting to exhaust themselves with more dancing again! They’d already answered the fox question with a skit!  Now that they know what the fox says, they had completed their Share The Fun skit!
Submitted by:  Brooke Paulson, Club Reporter 



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