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Enroll in Anoka County 4-H Today!

We are so excited that you are ready to join 4-H!  Advance through the following steps to complete the enrollment process and start your families membership.


Are you starting your own club? 
If you have three families total and are interested in starting a brand new club, contact the 4-H office and the 4-H Program Coordinator will set up and orientation meeting with you.

Are you interested in joining an existing club?
Anoka County 4-H has 14 4-H community and special interest (SPIN) clubs that meet all over the County.  Check out the meeting map and contact the club leaders for the 4-H clubs you might be interested in joining.

How do I choose?

  • Most people start first with a club that is close to your home or meets at a convenient date or time for your family.  The majority of clubs don’t have a specific project focus.
  • Check the meeting dates and times and send an email or call the club leader to confirm their next meeting time.
  • Shop around! Visit as many clubs as you like until you find the right fit.
  • When you have chosen a club its time to sign up! (You can enroll before you settle on a club.  If that is the case, choose “Independent” when you enroll and switch your club name later in our system.)


  • Before your first event or county activity you must sign up for 4-H at 4HOnline.  Enrollment for the year starts mid-September each year.
  • You will have access to 4HOnline with the username and password you create and you can go in and change your information at any time.
  • Complete your membership dues payment of $30/member to Anoka County 4-H. This can be paid directly to the 4-H office by cash or check with the dues form or paid online (small additional processing fee).  When paying online, look for the blue "Register Online" link.  If this fee presents a challenge, check out the form for how to proceed.


  • The foundation of 4-H is project learning.
  • In 4-H, youth design and participate in their own education and activities, from creating a family tree to wiring a lamp or creating an art piece. This learn-by-doing model teaches kids essential skills needed to succeed in life, such as problem-solving, decision-making, coping, communicating and responding to the needs of others.  We call this LIFE SKILLS! 
  • Members can choose what projects they want to learn about and what events and activities they want to attend. 
  • Choosing one or two projects is a great way to begin in 4-H.
  • Use the Project Selection Guide to determine which projects your child(ren) are interested in exploring.

When you sign up for a project online:

  • It means that is an area you are interested in learning about.  You will be sent direct emails regarding any upcoming learning experiences on the county and state level that applies to that project. 
  • If you are interested in exploring the project more, youth will decide what it is that you want to explore and create some goals that will help you achieve your desired project result.
  • Project learning can result in a project that you can exhibit at the county fair or other 4-H event throughout the year.  However, you are not required to exhibit a project just because you signed up for it.
  • For the most part, project learning is self-directed.  If there are no county or state level offerings available to you, connect with a local resource or mentor to help you achieve your goals.


  • Take part in 4-H club meetings.
  • The more a youth is involved in 4-H, the more they get from the experience.  As they get older they can expand their experience by volunteering to help or sharing their knowledge and skills.
  • Check our website frequently for the most current program offerings. Descriptions, dates, and times will help you choose how you can be involved in county and state 4-H events and activities.  Click on “downloads” for more resources.
  • Ask questions!  Please contact your club leader or our office with any questions:  763-324-3495 or

Parents/Adults Are a Key to the Success of 4-H

  • Parents, you need to attend the club meetings to keep informed and to support your child(ren)’s involvement.  4-H is typically not a “drop and go” program.
  • If you want to volunteer, you can help as a Project Leaders to share your knowledge and/or skills with youth or as an Event Leader by guiding club’s involvement in a 4-H event or activity.
  • 4-H Focuses on Family Involvement as many events/workshops are designed for the whole family to attend.



Kimberly Ferguson
Program Support Secretary
(763) 324-3499
Anna Gilbertson
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(763) 324-3497
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