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Beltrami 4-H'ers won award at State Fair

Beltrami County won a 4-H Herdsmanship competition – Speaking up for Animal Agriculture award at the State Fair. 

A critical component of herdsmanship is the way exhibitors positively interact with fair visitors. Speaking Up For Animal Agriculture, sponsored by Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association and Minnesota 4-H, is an activity designed to help 4-H exhibitors showcase a positive image of animal agriculture at the fair.

COUNTY EXHIBITOR EXPECTATIONS – ONE ON ONE COMMUNICATION   County livestock delegations will then transfer what they have learned to one-on-one communication with fairgoers and educational and promotional activities. All exhibitors will be expected to conduct one–on–one interactions with fairgoers throughout 4–H livestock weekend. 4-H peer mentors will be available in the livestock areas to model, coach and encourage exhibitors with this task. (This supports the concepts in the LQA&E lesson on "Speaking Out for Animal Agriculture")

Both the one–on–one communications and the promotion/educational activities should focus on one or more of these messages:
• Personal information about the exhibitor, family farm, exhibit and showing experience,
• Their animal(s) are raised for food and fiber.
• The food produced by these animals is nutritious and safe.
• These animals have been cared for using best management practices and current technology.
• Animals are raised using different approved production methods, but the final products are wholesome, safe and nutritional.

A team of evaluators will be evaluating these activities and the public's interaction based on the following criteria:
• Participation—10% of score –County participates in activities as assigned.
• Teamwork—15% of score–County exhibitors work as a team and establish an inviting environment.
• Public Interaction—25% of score–Demonstrates skills in engaging the public
• Props—25% of score–Shows good use of props such as eggs, rabbits, lambs, tools, charts, etc. to help enhance consumer understanding and education
• Subject Matter—25 % of score–Uses accurate and current subject matter relevant to the species


Click here for a list of the State Fair Herdsmanship contest winners.

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