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Benton County Events Calendar

We have a new calendar and you can now find all of Benton County's 4-H events in one place.

Click the following link to view the 4-H events calendar:

Benton  2017 Calendar  (below is a summary - the new link above will be updated as things become available or change - the link also has the times of the events)

01 Rube Goldberg Chge Reg DEADLINE
9 SS&W Practice 3-5
10   County Fair Registration Deadline
11   Day Camp Foley
11  Dog PDC Meeting 5:30 Fairgrounds
13  Day Camp Sauk Rapids
16 SS&W Practice 3-5
17  DEADLINE Ind. SS&W State Shoot Registration
18 Clothing Judging Day
21-23 County Dog Show at Fairgrounds
23 SS&W Practice 3-5
23   Committee Meetings
27  Pie Day 9-1pm
28 Office Moves to Fair
31 County Fair Entry Day

1-6 Benton County Fair
13 SS&W Practice 3-5
15 Farm Camp MN Event
17 Take State Projects to State Fair
18  DEADLINE SSW Team State Shoot Registration
20 SS&W Practice 3-5
23-27 Benton Livestock Encampment
24 Start of MN STATE FAIR
27 SS&W Practice 3-5
30– 31 4-H Llama Encampment
31-2  Benton Non-Livestock Encampment

4 Benton Extension Office CLOSED
6 State Fair Projects avail. Pick Up
8-10 State Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational
17 County Extension Committee Meeting 6pm
15-17 State Horse Show
23-24 State Dog Show

1 Committee Meetings &  Leaders’ Council
2-6 National 4-H Week
7 “Achievement Night “ 6pm
15 Leader’s Banquet
19   Holiday Workshop
20   Quilting Day

1  Club Charters Due

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