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Sign up now for rescheduled Demonstration, Food Revue & Performing Arts judging day

The judging for Demonstrations, Food Revue & Performing Arts has been rescheduled for June 3!

Take a look at the materials below and sign up today! Both of these competitions are unique and fun opportunities to improve essential communication skills.

Demonstration Day


To learn how to better express yourself and communicate to others.
Ask any teacher and they can usually pick out 4-H members from their classroom because they have great communication skills!  Ask any employer what they value in employees and often they will state great communication skills!

DEMONSTRATION / ILLUSTRATED PRESENTATIONS may be related to any project that the member is enrolled in or to any area of interest or expertise the 4-Her has.  Presentations may be an individual or a two-person team.  Individual presentations shall not exceed 15 minutes in length and team presentations should not exceed 25 minutes in length.

DEMONSTRATIONS are an oral presentation that includes actually demonstrating the hands-on steps required to accomplish a task or process. This most often includes the use of physical objects and actual doing or showing.

Nonverbal, verbal and written activities will stretch and strengthen your communication skills, whether you're talking to a friend, writing, or making a presentation to a group. Take advantage of this opportunity to sharpen your skills in a fun way - through Demonstrations!

Food Revue

Food Revue provides youth the opportunity to plan, prepare, evaluate and serve food as part of a meal or snack.

Youth will prepare and present a dish, learn about nutrients and ingredients in their dish, record their experience and participate in an interview with a judge.

From beginner to master chef the Food Revue appeals to all levels of skill and experience!

Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Contest shows a 4-H'ers involvement in the performing arts.  Youth perform through acting, mime, movement, puppetry, singing, playing an instrument, educational display, reading or reciting written word.  All ages are encouraged to register!

Share your talent with us by performing a talent act!  Get on stage and let your performing ability shine through!  No matter what your talents are, Performing Arts has a spot for you!

NEW THIS YEAR: In the past the performing arts contest has been held in conjunction with the Share the Fun competition. Due to the small numbers the committee has decided to try the events in a different format. Performing arts will compete in April and be judged then. Participants will then have the opportunity to showcase their act at the county fair prior to the fashion revue at the Benton County Fair on Friday, August 5. The share the fun judging will take place at county fair.


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