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4-H Demonstrations: Challenge Yourself

Elsie and Tyson demonstrate how to wrap a gift.
Are you looking for a new exhibit for the upcoming 4-H year? Have you ever given a demonstration?

Many of our clubs already encourage their youth members to give a demonstration at a club meeting. I am challenging ALL youth to give a demonstration at a club meeting AND I would love to see more entries in the Public Presentations project category at county fair.

The past two years we have only had 5 members give a demonstration at the county fair. I challenge our membership to TRIPLE that number to 15 for 2018! We would love to work with you to develop a confident presentation to be given in the 4-H building during an allotted time throughout the week of county fair. What better way to exhibit your learning than to do a "show and tell" demonstration.

I have been to two club meetings the last two weeks where we practiced giving a demonstration. It was great to see the youth step up and succeed with a smile on their face. I can personally thank 4-H demonstrations for helping me build my public speaking skills!

Dr. Phil Gill even donated the first $20 for a champion demonstrator at the county fair! We will work to get donations to award a monetary prize to the top 3 in each age category within the livestock and general demonstration categories. 

Will you accept the demonstration challenge???

- give a demonstration at your club

- sign up to give your demonstration at the county fair

- triple our county fair demonstrators to reach a total of 15+


Take a look at some of the links below for help in getting started with your demonstrations.

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