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2017-2018 Fall Volunteer Training: Expanding our Roots-Growing New Opportunites

Let’s grow 4-H! But how can we bring in new youth and keep current 4-H’ers?  One of the most important factors for young people staying in 4-H is if they feel like they belong.  It’s one thing to recruit, but if we don’t pay attention to the needs of members and create a sense of belonging it is hard to retain them.  The 2017 Fall Volunteer Training, Expanding our roots—Growing new opportunities, will focus on exploring our roots and resources for strengthening a sense of belonging in 4-H.

Training is for all 4-H youth & adult volunteers in clubs and county-wide groups and programs, including committees, Federations, Leader’s Council and others. Each group should bring a team of youth and adult volunteers to start on strategies.

Participants will be asked to think about their club/group and how they get members excited and involved in club work and activities.  This can be hard work and involves recruiting as well as ensuring that when new members and families come to us we are able to meet their needs – that they feel like they belong.

You will leave this training with:

Tools to create an environment of belonging in our 4-H groups.
Ideas from other volunteers on what works for them.
A plan to recruit, engage and support new members and families.

At the last Federation meeting, we discussed going to Hubbard County's Fall Volunteer Training instead of holding one here. I have spoken with Mari Jo in Hubbard County and Cass County is welcome to attend and make this our training event as well, so that is what we will plan on. It will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2 from 8 AM to 1PM. The location will be at the Northern Pines Campground (where our summer camp is held) just north of Park Rapids. Please plan to attend if you are a screened volunteer! If you are a screened volunteer and you can't make it to this training, you will need to choose another to attend. You can click on the link below to see the list of dates and times by county.

Reminder:  DO NOT FORGET TO RE-ENROLL AS A VOLUNTEER .  Do this online in your 4-H online account

Fall Volunteer Training


Nicholas Podoll
County 4-H Program Coordinator
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