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Horse PDC Meeting Recap


Horse Project Minutes

1.)    Jeremy Freeman is contacting the list of judges that we gave him.  We are hopeful we will have a judge hired by the January meeting.
2.)    Please review the bylaws and handbook – let Jill Olson or myself know if you have any change requests.  We will need to have this finalized by the February meeting.
3.)    Encampment (May 11 – 13) – let Carrie Frantzick know if you have any ideas for activities or clinicians.  We will need to have an outline of the activities and clinicains by the January meeting
4.)    County Fair (July 19 – 22)– Barb will outline a tentative schedule for the county fair weekend
5.)    Would like an outline and plan for the Horse Project meetings – Horse Project Kickoff is March 1st , with the Horse Project meetings March 8th, April 12th, May 13th  (at Encampment), June 14th (might have to move this one up a week due to Boot Camp and YELLO)
6.)    Need to have representation and a presentation for the Horse Day at Petersons Mill – March 24th
7.)    Would like to be able to order Jackets at the March Kickoff meeting – Jill can you contact Kathy?
8.)    List of possible fundraising activities with the dates and times


Horse Project Minutes
Call meeting to order 6:37

1. Recap of last year
-well attended encampment, ideas and improvements for county fair, good state team, horsebowl state and national success

2. Increase Dues
- Increase dues from $15 per youth/$20 per family to $20 per youth/$40 per family
- Motioned by Jill Olson, Seconded by Carrie Franzick. Motion Passed

3. Change grade breakdown
- Large discussion over fairness
- 6th and up will all compete together.
- Pleasure- splits will be random draw at judge’s discretion
- Motioned by Laurie, Second by Shannon Huberty. Motion Passed.

4. Voting in PDC
-Adults: Jill Olson, Heather Kinsey, Beth Grube
-By white ballot. Motioned by Laurie Nelson, Second by Avery Nelson. Passed
-Youth: Lauren Olson, Erin Sabo, Dylan Kinsey, Claire Grube, Kasey Franzick
- Youth Alternatives: ReaAnna Danielson, Avery Nelson
-Motion to destroy ballots: Carrie Franzick, Second by Laurie Nelson. Motion Passed

5. Decide on encampment dates
- May 11-13
- Clinician idea: Dr. Hal Brown on Chiropractic

6. Horsebowl
-To begin in January
-New resource: Horse Smarts- American Youth Horse Council
- Motion to spend $104 on new book by Shannon Huberty, Second by Heather Kinsey. Motion Passed
Activity led by Shannon Huberty

Motion to Adjourn by Avery Nelson, Second by Dylan Kinsey
Meeting Adjourned at 7:49

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