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County Horticulture Educator in Clay County

  • Start planning your landscaping project – part 3
    As I said before, the key to a successful landscaping project is planning. My previous two articles talked about base plan development, location, and design of a perennial bed.
  • Start planning your landscaping project – part 2
    Planning is the key to a successful landscaping project. Last week, I talked about developing a base plan as the first step.
  • Start planning your landscaping project
    We have all heard that planning is the key to success. This is especially true when it comes to landscaping projects.
  • Seed starting tips
    Starting vegetable and flower plants from seed has its advantages.
  • Managing spider mites on houseplants
    Spider mites are a common pest of houseplants. They prefer dry environments with an ambient temperature of 80 degrees F.
  • Time to order garden seed
    Vegetable seed catalogs have occupied a corner of my kitchen counter for two months. Like most gardeners, I enjoy looking at each page and marking the ones that have potential to go into this year’s garden.
  • Houseplant propagation using vegetative cutting
    Houseplants can be propagated by vegetative cutting, layering, division, and micropropagation, to name a few. Perhaps the easiest and most common form used by the home propagator is the vegetative cutting.
  • Tips for successful houseplant propagation
    Propagating houseplants is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Success depends on using the right potting medium, a clean container, and providing an adequate growing environment.
  • Winter houseplant care
    Has your houseplant gone from green and vibrant to pale and weak? If you answered yes, all is not lost. With a little attention you can bring your houseplant back to its green and vibrant condition.
  • Beautify your home with a houseplant
    Houseplants bring beauty to our homes, especially during the winter months. To stay healthy, plants need to receive adequate light. When selecting a houseplant keep light requirements in mind.

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