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County Horticulture Educator in Clay County

  • Successful seed starting at home
    Starting plants from seed can be easy and rewarding. This session will cover seed planting dates, lighting, potting medium selection and care of seedlings. Cost to attend this program is $10.
  • Voles in the home lawn
    Voles are small brown rodents about the size and shape of a mouse. We usually observe their small surface tunnels winding through our lawn right after snow melt. The grass in these areas is usually eaten to the soil line, leaving the crown of the grass plant intact and healthy.
  • Seed starting tips
    Starting vegetable and flower plants from seed has its advantages.
  • Houseplant propagation using a vegetative cutting
    Houseplants can be propagated by vegetative cutting, layering, division, and micropropagation, to name a few. Perhaps the easiest and most common form used by the home propagator is the vegetative cutting.
  • Tips for successful houseplant propagation
    Propagating houseplants is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Success depends on using the right potting medium, a clean container, and providing an adequate growing environment.
  • Add color to your home with an amaryllis
    Amaryllis are a prized indoor plant that can produce 6-10 inch trumpet shaped flowers born on 1-2 foot tall stalks in mid-winter.
  • Poinsettia selection and care
    Stores are filling up with numerous cultivars of poinsettia ranging in color from red, white, salmon, plum, red with white splashes, and burgundy, to name a few.
  • Still time for dormant seeding
    As the calendar flips to November, most people are thinking about hunting, ice fishing, or the upcoming holiday season and not about their lawn.
  • Protecting evergreens from winter burn
    Every spring some of us are faced with evergreen trees and shrubs that are no longer green but instead are brown.
  • Protect trees and shrubs from rodents
    October is a perfect time to protect your valuable trees and shrubs from the teeth of rabbits, mice, and voles.

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