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County Horticulture Educator in Clay County

  • Seed starting tips
    Starting vegetable and flower plants from seed has its advantages.
  • Managing spider mites on houseplants
    Spider mites are a common pest of houseplants. They prefer dry environments with an ambient temperature of 80 degrees F.
  • Time to order garden seed
    Vegetable seed catalogs have occupied a corner of my kitchen counter for two months. Like most gardeners, I enjoy looking at each page and marking the ones that have potential to go into this year’s garden.
  • Houseplant propagation using vegetative cutting
    Houseplants can be propagated by vegetative cutting, layering, division, and micropropagation, to name a few. Perhaps the easiest and most common form used by the home propagator is the vegetative cutting.
  • Tips for successful houseplant propagation
    Propagating houseplants is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Success depends on using the right potting medium, a clean container, and providing an adequate growing environment.
  • Winter houseplant care
    Has your houseplant gone from green and vibrant to pale and weak? If you answered yes, all is not lost. With a little attention you can bring your houseplant back to its green and vibrant condition.
  • Beautify your home with a houseplant
    Houseplants bring beauty to our homes, especially during the winter months. To stay healthy, plants need to receive adequate light. When selecting a houseplant keep light requirements in mind.
  • Still time to protect trees and shrubs from rodent damage
    There is still time to protect your valuable trees and shrubs from the teeth of rabbits, mice, and voles. These rodents cause damage by feeding on twigs and bark, voles will also eat roots.
  • 2015 Minnesota Gardening Calendar
    Get ready for 2015 with the Minnesota Gardening calendar. This colorful calendar makes a great gift for gardening friends, relatives, or yourself.
  • Earth-Kind® Environmental Landscape Management System
    The Earth-Kind® Environmental Landscape Management System was developed by scientists at Texas A&M University in the early 1990's. Its mission is to provide citizens with cutting-edge, research-based information regarding environmental landscape management.

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