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July Video Picks: Ag drones, innovative seeders, pests, and diseases

I chose this month's videos as a "trailer" for the August field day. I'm excited about our line-up of speakers and research demonstrations, so I wanted to use some videos to give you a preview of what you'll get to see if you come to the field day on August 25th. 


Soybean aphid: seed treatments and scouting with drones

Bob Koch, Extension entomologist, will present his research on soybean aphid management, including seed treatments and scouting using unmanned aerial vehicals (UAVs or "drones"). This recent article in the Minnesota Daily describes the ways U of MN researchers are advancing the usefulness of UAVs as a precision ag tool. Sentera, a local drone manufacturer and distributor, will be one of the sponsors of lunch at the field day, and is planning to bring a few examples of their products for everyone to have a look at. This video from UW-Madison is a great, up-close look at some of the features of a simple UAV. And this video has some beautiful aerial shots of a vineyard where the grower is using a UAV to scout for plant stress. 


Alfalfa cutting management and innovative cover crop seeding technology

Scott Wells, Extension agronomist, will show us his alfalfa cutting management plots, and hopefully we'll get to see a demo of his cover-crop interseeder, which he's using across the state to test how well different cover crop varieties survive the winter when planted into corn at V7 to V8. Creative farmers and researchers have been adapting all kinds of equipment to seed cover crops, like this 3-in-1 cover crop seeder, fertilizer spreader, and sprayer; this high-boy sprayer modified with an air-seeder; this combine attachment that spreads cover crop seed simultaneous with harvest; and this little robot seeder plus side-dresser that reminds me of a droid from Star Wars. Albert Lea Seed has also agreed to be a sponsor for lunch, and they'll bring some cover crop seed samples to raffle off during the lunch break. 


Diseases of emerging concern: Goss' wilt and Sudden Death Syndrome

Dean Malvick, Extension plant pathologist, will update us on that status of Minnesota research on Goss' wilt in corn and Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans. This video from DuPont Pioneer shows what the symptoms of Goss' wilt look like in the field. This video from Purdue Extension shows a soybean field afflicted with Sudden Death Syndrome, and how to tell the difference between SDS and brown steam rot. 


Corn rootworm: recent research and resistance management

Ken Ostlie, Extension entomologist, will share the latest on corn rootworm resistance to Bt traits. This video from the Corn and Soybean Digest shows what corn rootworm damage can look like, compared to healthy corn roots. 


Last but not least, our third lunch sponsor, River Country Coop, will have representatives at the field day to answer any questions about their services, including spraying and crop scouting. 

Posted 7/24/15

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