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    Ailing Pines

    “What’s wrong with my pine?” If you are concerned about reddish brown needles on your pine trees, consider the following.

    Identifying Good Bugs and Bad Bugs in Your Yard and Garden

    The most important factor in pest control in your garden is proper identification and remember, not all insects are bad! Some you want around.

    What’s Wrong with My Peonies?

    This week I have received many calls about odd looking peonies. Many of the flowers on these shrubs have turned brown at the tips, and are opening in various forms of decay.

    Leaves of Three, Let It Be!

    This week I have had several calls about controlling poison ivy in woodlots and garden beds. There is no weed harder to control than poison ivy!

    Pollinator Friendly Landscapes

    Pollinator insects, such as bees and butterflies, are a valuable part of our ecosystem. They assist in the pollination of many types of vegetation, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables. According to the Xerces Society (, pollinators play a role in the reproduction of 85% of the world’s flowers and 75% of the world’s crops. Without these insects, our ability to grow anything would be severely hampered.

    Horticultural Services Available to Local Residents

    Here are a few services we offer, and some guidelines to follow when you have a question:

    Horticultural Services Available to Local Residents

    Here are a few services we offer, and some guidelines to follow when you have a question:

    Planting Trees

    Don’t get over enthusiastic with your transplants. You want the night time air temperature to be at least 50º, and the soil temperature to reach 60º-70º to have the best success with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant. What to do until then? Plant a tree!

    Backyard Composting

    Before planting your wee seedlings, I would recommend getting your soil tested. At a loss where to find high quality, chemical free compost? Why not “grow” it in your own backyard?

    Now’s the Time to Plan for Your County Fair Entries

    Although the County Fair is almost 5 months away, it is never too early to think about the produce you will be entering.

    Be a Locavore! Eat Local Harvest Market

    The locavore movement, in which people try to eat food produced near their home, is getting more and more popular.

    Douglas County Horticulture Inquiries

    Now there is a new way to submit horticulture questions to your county Horticulture Educator

    Meet Your Local Educator

    Robin Trott is the consumer horticulture Extension educator.

    Seed Starting for Beginners

    If you’ve also selected the seeds to grow in your garden, you might be considering starting some of those plants indoors.
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