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Be a Locavore! Eat Local Harvest Market

From field to fork, the average dinner has travelled 1,500 miles! Spending your money on locally-sourced foods has many benefits, including supporting your local producers, keeping resources within your community’s economy, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Local Harvest Market Co is a regional food hub located in Douglas County.  It was formed by a group of west central Minnesota producers and consumers, primarily to build a market bridge between local farmers and local producers.  This year round “online farmers market” opened its doors on November 6, 2014, and its growers produce fruits and vegetables, poultry, dairy and eggs, fish, honey and molasses, grains and so much more!.  Currently, thirty producers are part of this online cooperative.  Local Harvest Market strives for “greater access to fresh, wholesome, locally grown food; a sustainable approach to food production and distribution; responsible stewardship of soil and water; consistent year-round availability of local foods; a reliable and profitable market for local growers and processors; education on the benefits of fresh local foods; how to cook and preserve them, and survival of family farms- when family farms thrive, so does our community.”  For More Information about Local Harvest Market, visit:

Haffner Family Farm is one of the original producers to sell at Local Harvest Market. Owned by Will and Becky Haffner, “We are a family farm running a farm to table meat business. We sell by the individual package retail pork, lamb, beef, and chicken. We also sell 1/4, 1/2, and whole bundles.   We farm near Rose City, MN. We raise our animals, from birth to finish, on pastures and wooded areas and we feed non-gmo feeds that we grow here on our farm. Raising our animals humanely and feeding our animals a healthy diet of pasture grasses, alfalfa, non-gmo grains, and organic labeled minerals is important to us and helps create high quality meat. We hope you will try our meat and take a role in supporting us as your local farmers. We believe you should know your farmer so you can know your food.” To learn more about Haffner Family farm, visit them at:


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