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  • Come Grow With Us, Become an Extension Master Gardener

    Do you say "rudbeckia" instead of "black eyed Susan", or "echinacea" instead of "purple cone flower"? Do you know the best methods for ridding a garden of Colorado potato beetles or how to best protect your prize winning tomatoes from blight? If you love gardening and love to share your passion for gardening with others, consider becoming a University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener.
  • What's the Buzz?

    It’s time for the Great Minnesota Get Together, and that means lots of great food on a stick and hordes of yellowjackets! Yes, that ubiquitous wasp will be appearing in great numbers at the state fair, especially around waste receptacles and tasty snacks. Here’s some basic information about these pesky bugs, and some tips about what to do if you are inundated with them this year.
  • When Are my Melons Ready to Pick?

    There is nothing better than biting into a ripe, juicy melon on a warm summer day. Summertime wouldn’t be complete without enjoying this tasty fruit while spending some relaxation time by the lake.
  • Aphids In Your Garden

    Here are some tips to control aphids in your home garden:
  • Protect Your Raspberries from Spotted Wing Drosophila

    As I watch the berries form on my primo cane, Joan J raspberries, I am inspecting for any signs of that new invader, Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). This tiny vinegar fly was first found in Minnesota in August of 2012. Since then it has been found in 40 Minnesota counties.
  • Horticulture Services Available to Local Residents

    If you have a garden question, from plant/insect identification, lawn care and pesticide application to best practices in growing or maintaining your garden, the University of Minnesota Extension Office in Douglas County is the right place to come. Here are a few services we offer, and some guidelines to follow when you have a question:
  • Meet Your Local Educator

    Robin Trott is the consumer horticulture Extension educator.
  • 2013 U of MN Top Ten Performing Annuals

    Each year, hundreds of cultivars are trialed at the University of Minnesota.
  • Seed Starting for Beginners

    If you’ve also selected the seeds to grow in your garden, you might be considering starting some of those plants indoors.
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