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  • Successfully Growing Traditional Plants of the Season

    Several traditional holiday plants make their appearance in your local retail markets this time of year. If you’re looking for a gift plant, or a decorating accent there are many from which to choose.
  • Invasive Plants in Douglas County

    Last week the Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed that Palmer Amaranth has been found in Douglas County. Another noxious weed that I have recently had questions about is Common Buckthorn
  • Managing Box Elder Bugs

    Black and orange insects abound this time of year. This week I have had several calls about the black, orange striped Box Elder Bug (BEB).
  • Tree Pruning 101

    If you’ve got pruning saw and loppers in hand, STOP, and put them right back where you got them. It’s still too early to prune our deciduous trees!
  • Putting Your Garden to Bed

    The following list of fall garden chores will focus your efforts this season and give you some breathing room next spring.
  • Tightly Spiraled Worms? You’ve Got Millipedes!

    We’re seeing a lot of millipedes this year due to excessive rainfall that has forced them out of their normal environment in the soil to areas with less moisture.
  • Fall Planted Bulbs for Spring Blooms

    It seems strange to talk about planting this time of year, but now is the time to plant spring bulbs and garlic.
  • Protect Your Trees from Winter Pests

    By taking some simple steps now, you can protect and save many trees and shrubs next spring.
  • Chrysanthemum Time!

    It’s that time of year again. Garden centers, grocery stores, big box stores and even some mini-marts are chock-full of beautiful, blooming chrysanthemums in wicker baskets.
  • Indoor Gardening

    If you want to introduce new, low maintenance house plants try some of the following:
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