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County Fair Registration - Using FairEntry Q&A

How do I register my 4-H exhibits for the Goodhue County Fair?

  • All county fair registration for 4-H exhibits will be done using FairEntry.  FairEntry is linked to 4HOnline, the system used for 4-H enrollment. 
  • Go to  Click “Sign in with 4HOnline.”
  • Detailed directions were distributed to club leaders for families.  They are also available online (see downloads below).
  • The invoice, listing the entries for the family members, must be submitted to complete registration.  You will receive an e-mail when the invoice is approved.

When can I register?

  • Registration opened May 1 and will close at 11:59 p.m. on July 8 (same deadline as previous years).

What happened to the class codes?

  • There are no class codes in FairEntry or the premium book.  Find the classes you want by selecting the department, then the division, and then the specific class.

Where are the building exhibits and Cloverbud exhibits?

  • General exhibits (building exhibits) are considered “static,” so you’ll see that term in FairEntry.
  • The Cat and Pet classes and Dog exhibit class are in the Static (General Exhibit) department.
  • Cloverbud exhibits (non-livestock) are listed in the Cloverbud department.
  • Cloverbud animal science classes are listed in each species department in that species’ Cloverbud division.  For example, the Cloverbud Swine class is in the Swine department, in the Cloverbud division.

May I enter as many exhibits as I want?

  • Certain departments, divisions, and classes have entry limits.  These limits have not changed from previous years; FairEntry will not allow families to add more than the limit.  For example, each class in the Static (General Exhibit) department has an entry limit of 10 and the Swine department has a limit of 5 entries.  Department and class limits are specified in the Goodhue County 4-H County Fair Premium Book (see downloads below).
  • An entry needs to be added for each exhibit.  For example, if bringing 4 crafts & fine arts exhibits, 4 crafts & fine arts entries must be created.

What if I submitted my family’s invoice but forgot entries?

  • Once an invoice has been submitted, no entries can be added for anyone in that family until the invoice is approved by staff.  Once the invoice is approved, a new invoice with additional entries can be started and submitted by the family. 
  • If you submitted an invoice on July 8 and realized you forgot entries, e-mail 4-H staff immediately, on July 8, and those entries will be added and fully eligible.  Entries added after July 8 are eligible for blue/red/white/Cloverbud/participation ribbons and the associated premium, but are not eligible for Grand/Reserve/Honorable ribbons, State Fair, auction, or other awards for those entries only. 

I received an e-mail about a rejected entry.  Why?

  • As the entries are reviewed by staff, errors may be found.  For example, a Cloverbud may have registered in the Food & Nutrition class instead of the Cloverbud class or an eighth grader may have entered in the Horse Key Race 9+ class.  If these errors are caught, staff will reject those entries and provide a reason for the rejection.  The reason will be included in the e-mail you received.
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