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An Ambassador's Reflection on the meaning of 4-H

Since I am coming up on my 4-year mark of being in 4-H, I can’t help but look back at all the amazing memories and moments. I can still remember being the new one, and not wanting to join because I didn’t know anyone. I am sure glad I took the chance of joining 4-H as it has become a big part of my life. I’ve learned so much about becoming a positive individual and becoming a better role model to those who look up to me. I’ve learned how to become a better leader and have many more public speaking opportunities than most my age. I’ve met a lot of great people so far, and have learned how much I truly do like to help people.

There tends to be a big controversy over what 4-H is or what it should be about. I see many kids putting their focus on the state trips, the country fair, etc. What these kids tend to forget is that many of those come with life skills that are important to know. Personally, 4-H should be about taking on responsibility and making memories. Whether it is in general projects or animals, youth learn to take care of or finish projects on your own. I feel that the Four H’s in 4-H are very important in this situation; Head- meaning you pledge to make the best decisions you can. Heart- to pledge that you will be loyal and keep yourself out of bad situations. Hands- to give back to the community that gives us so much already, and lastly, Health is pledging to live healthier and make decisions that will benefit your health, not ruin it.

Another benefit of 4-H is the memories you make will last a lifetime. I can look back at all the pictures I have and remember where they were taken, what we were doing, and the memories that come with them. From the Ambassador Mystery Trip in 2016 to Camp Counseling this summer, I have learned leadership, made friendships, and transformed myself into a better role model. It’s not about the ribbons; in fact, mine are sitting in a box stuffed in my closet because they have little importance to me. It’s about spending quality time with your project, whether it be an animal or a general project, and taking pride in your accomplishments. It is about learning, patience, and making the memories that will last a lifetime so the 4-H legacy can be passed on to the next generations. Over time, the 4-H members that I have grown to know have become not only friends, but family.


Mari Jo Lohmeier
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 732-3391
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