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Laporte Dog Project info letter

DATE:  February 21, 2014
TO:   4-H Dog Project Parents and Kids
FROM:  Nancy Pierce
March 7th, 2014 @ 6:00pm
Laporte Public School
Community Room

Greetings Fellow Dog Project People!

‘Tis the season dog practice will be starting up again!  YAY!!

I want to say welcome to those of you who are new!!  This is my 4th year teaching this group.  I can’t say enough about how much fun this project can be.  On the contrary, it can be frustrating at times, but it IS all worth it in the end (I am proof of that along with the others who have done this project!)  This year, Neka Davis (like last year) will be taking over the Agility end of things.  I will be working on the Showmanship, Rally and Obedience.  (Unless things change)…but for sure, I will be working the Obedience and Rally.
For those of you who were here last year, we are going to keep the three ring notebooks like last year.  For new comers, the following is what the notebook should contain:  (I recommend) 

You will need a 3 ring binder 1 – 1 ½ in. includes the following:
First page should be your vaccinations / ID papers (REQUIRED!!)
(Organize the following there after to how you want to set it up PLEASE INCLUDE THE CALENDAR I HAND OUT IN THIS AS WELL!!)

1. AKC Breed Standard for your dog(s). 
2. Agility      
3. CGC (Canine Good Citizen)  
4. Dog Project Record  
5. Dog References    

 6. Lesson Sheets

7. Obedience

8. Q & A For Showmanship

9.  Rally

10. Showmanship

I would recommend getting page protectors to keep this information safe and protected against weather and drool!!
Also, a tote bag is going to be a good thing to have.  You don’t have to spend oodles of money on these.  Go to Target, Wal-mart, Super-One, and ect. And get one of their bags for groceries or do you have a backpack at home you don’t use?  That would work as well!  They come in SUPER handy (trust me from experience)!!! Some of the “tools of the trade” I would recommend would be the following: (**** ones are required)

Slicker Brush    Comb ^Training collars  6’Show leads  **Treats      Flexi lead    Dumbbell  *Treat pouch  Rabies certificate   ***Poop bags

* We will explain           ** Get something your dog LOVES!!  *** A grocery bag is fine!
^ Flat collar and a choke chain

We want this to be as LOW cost as possible for everyone!

It is not important or required to show your dog, what matters is the LEARNING experience. Whether or not you go on to show at Madison Square Garden in New York is of no matter. Having the opportunity to learn something new is! You win every time. 

Some ideas to get a start on the training for the season are the following:
• The 4-Her who is showing the dog, should start feeding and brushing the dog.  If the 4-Her does that the dog will show more respect and affection and start the bond process! 
• Is your dog a little chubby from the winter months?  Run your hand along your dog’s barrel.  If you can’t feel the ribs, Fido may be a bit too fat! If you can just feel your dog’s ribs your dog should be just right!  Go you!
• Feed your dog what they will eat in 15-20 minutes then take the food away.  All dogs are different!  Don’t shorten your dog’s lifespan by carrying too much weight!  If you are in agility it’s important for your dog to be in good shape! 

Our main goal this year is to teach you to be RESPONSIBLE with your dog and secondly to really have some FUN. Would you love to go on a field trip to a big AKC dog show ?

Do you have any ideas or questions?  Bring them to the meeting and we will talk! 

Do not bring your dog to this meeting.

We’d like to make sure you have everything before our first summer training class which is June 7.

If you have any questions or concerns please DON’T hesitate to give me a call! 

Nancy Pierce  – 320-260-1683
- I’m also on FB and you can facebook message me
- I do text messaging as well 

We look forward to seeing you
March 7th, 2014!

Nancy <3


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