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Shout Outs!!

I would like to take a moment and just thank a group of people for their contributions to making our county fair a huge success.

First, we need to thank each of our 4-Her’s and their families.  Not only were our 4-Her’s responsible for bringing over 1900 entries to our fair, but they also were very willing participants in the Fries for 4-H booth, the jump rope booth, keeping our exhibit hall, livestock barn, horse barn and poultry barn clean, cheering on their fellow 4-Her, and just being great kids.  I love bragging about our 4-Hers, because we have the best of the best right here in Hubbard County.  The 4-H families also need thanking.  They contribute so much time, energy, support and work to make our fair the success it is.

We need to thank our 4-H volunteers who work continuously to make everything happen at our fair.  I am only one person, so without this great network of volunteers, the fair couldn’t possibly happen.  They build, clean, organize, run events, and chase after kids, cow and horses.  They put in endless hours, by helping set up and clean up.  They are willing to do anything that I ask, but what really is amazing is that they all do this with a smile on their face, an encouraging word and are always great representatives of our 4-H program.

Lamb Weston/RDO puts a ton of time and effort into making the Fries for 4-H booth a huge success. We need to thank them for this contribution.  100% of the profit from this booth goes to our 4-H program.  This year they made $3525 that will be donated into our general fund.  This will make it possible for over 100 kids to the state events, over 55 youth to our summer camp, many other 4-Her youth to the BLU and YELLO leader ship retreats.   Please help me in thanking this great group of people for their contribution of time and dollars to our program.

We also need to thank is Ray Baune and his wife for once again setting up their jump rope making booth.  Ray is a 4-H Alumni and loves to give back to the 4-H program.  This year they took $542 in as donations at their booth.  We need to applaud Ray and his wife for all their hard work.

I am always amazed by all the time and money that is donated to our 4-H livestock auction.  This year Vern Massie donated his time to be our auctioneer.  We also had many, many people and businesses that donated money as a bidder or into our community bidding fund.  We had $19,675 donated during our 2017 livestock auction.  This money is then split, 80% going straight to the 4-Her’s who raised that animal to help offset the cost of raising the animal and/or to help pay for next year’s market animal, and 20% goes back to the county so we can continue to move our livestock program forward in the right direction.  A huge thank you goes out to these businesses and contributors to the auction.
We also had many donations given to our 4-H program that enabled us to purchase a new livestock digital scale, a new grooming chute, and new digital timer for the horse arena, and new kickboards on animal pens.  Thank you to each of these businesses and people who made this happen.

Cal and Cleo Johannson, Doc Issacson, Stan Preston and the Gilbertson’s from Bemidji were so generous with their time in helping us out during our livestock show.  A huge thank you to each of them.  Their help enable our show to run without too many glitches.

Finally we need to thank all of our Ambassadors.  They spent many hours as judge’s assistants, selling t-shirts, running the registration booth, helping at the announcers table at livestock shows, setting up and taking down concession stands, scanning results and the list goes on and on. 

Thanks so much to each of them that helped.


Mari Jo Lohmeier
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 732-3391
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