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Volunteer Corner

I met with some of our Key Club Leaders and rolled out a new toolkit to be used with new members in your club.  This is a Mentor Family Toolkit.  Its purpose is to use an experienced 4-H family to mentor a NEW 4-H family.  This toolkit provides the “how to” for this project and gives a month by month list of talking points, 4-H facts and conversation starters that can be used when making phone calls or face to face contacts with the family that you could be mentoring.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor family or if you are new to 4-H and would like to be assigned a mentor family to get you through your first year of 4-H, please contact our office at 218-732-3391. 

I hope that I will have several families raise their hands and want to be a part of this pilot program.  I am planning on tracking the success of this program over the next few years.  Wouldn’t it be great if your role as a mentor family helped make the 1st year of 4-H easier to navigate for a new family?  It is my hope that this new program will help to retain these first year 4-H families.


Mari Jo Lohmeier
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 732-3391
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