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4-H Online Adventures

What's an online adventure?

Like all 4-H activities, online adventures are driven by young people's passion for learning. They may last one week, one month or longer. Typically, we provide 2-4 hours of activities per week. Features:

    Collaborative learning in small groups of up to 20 middle-school-age youth
    Led by a likeable expert guide
    Interaction through short videos, games and online text
    Hands-on activities
    Secure online environment

How is an online adventure different from traditional 4-H? How is it the same?

As always, 4-H is meeting young people where they are— in this case, online. Participants may or may not be in a 4-H club in their home town. Online adventures offer youth the ability to take part in a 4-H project even when there's no 4-H club or expert mentor nearby. And like all 4-H programming, online adventures are led by screened, trained 4-H volunteers or staff. Curriculum is based on research about how young people learn best.

When it comes to online learning, we know that:

    Youth learn better in environments where there is a strong sense of community
    Learning is more likely to happen when youth are captivated, motivated and engaged
    Developing self-directed lifelong learners requires learning experiences that are more personal, social and participatory

Who leads online adventures?

Each is led by an expert mentor—an engaging person with a passion for the project area and good online communications skills. We're in the early stages of building the 4-H learning online model. Eventually, we'll offer online adventures in many project areas led by screened 4-H volunteers and/or staff—just like traditional 4-H. This will offer new ways for volunteers to get involved. The leaders of the Minnesota 4-H online learning team are Jennifer Skuza, Molly Frendo and Ann Nordby.

What do I need to take part in online adventures?

You'll need a video camera -- the one in a smartphone is fine. You'll need a good Internet connection for uploading short videos. For some adventures, you might need simple video editing software or slide maker. You won't need to buy any materials -- all activities use only household items. The amount of time you spend on adventures is up to you, but we estimate 2-4 hours per week to complete all activities, record and upload. You can check in anytime for comments on your video and to watch and respond to other people's videos.

How can I sign up?

If you're already an enrolled Minnesota 4-H member, you can register online for the current camp right now. If you are not already enrolled, you and your adult caregiver can do that easily. You can enroll or re-enroll online or contact your county 4-H office for more information about local 4-H activities and enrollment.

Will online adventures replace face-to-face 4-H?

Absolutely not. We will continue to deliver the 4-H youth development program in every Minnesota county, just as we've done for 100+ years. Learn more about 4-H and ways to join.


Katherine Zimmer
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(320) 231-7890
Katie Petty
Kandiyohi County Ag 4-H Program Coordinator
(320) 231-7890
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