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4-H Competitive Events: Deadlines, Consequences and Exemptions

Martin County 4-H Competitive Events Chart: Deadlines, Consequences and Exemptions

This chart has been created to assist 4-H members, families and 4-H staff in understanding state and county 4-H individual competitive event deadlines, consequences applied to each situation/deadline, and the use of the one-time exemption to remove all consequences for a single situation/deadline.

Please Note:
1. Projects may be added or modified, without consequences, until the time of the county fair pre-registration.

2. For youth enrolling in 4-H for the first time and/or joining clubs or programs organized after the May 15 deadline, enrollment will be received for a period of one calendar week after the group is organized. Because of the animal science ID deadlines, youth enrolling after May 15 will not be able to exhibit in animal science projects with full privileges.

3. 4-H member may choose to utilize their one-time exemption recognizing that they have missed a 4-H deadline and waive all consequences for that deadline. The one-time exemption applies for the career of the 4-H member and transfers among Minnesota counties.

4. The one-time exemption form must be submitted within one calendar week after the enrollment or registration form is received or prior to the event, whichever is first.

5. For Animal Science ID deadline, the 4-H member has one calendar week after set deadline to turn into the Extension Office the animal ID form and the one-time exemption form. (The animal must be owned by deadline).

6. If the county determines the 4-H member is "not eligible," this consequence is removed if the youth chooses to use the one-time exemption.


Click the attachment below to download the chart.


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