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  • Explore careers in agriculture

    4-H youth in grades 8 and up are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Explore Careers in Ag Day on Feb. 19 in Murdock, Minnesota.
  • We Want You for 4-H Horse Drill Team!

    If you are interested in participating in 4-H Horse Drill Team, please contact Jodi Olson ( or 320-583-2544) with your name and grade by January 5. This year, we will have both competitive and non-competitive teams.
  • It’s Time to Start Forming Bowl Teams Again

    Project Bowl is a "quiz bowl" competition where all asked questions deal with a specific topic of interest. Currently, there are seven different bowls that include: Dairy/Dairy Goat, Dog, General Livestock, Horse, Poultry, Rabbit, and Wildlife. McLeod County has organized teams in dairy/dairy goat, horse, and general livestock bowl in the past, but there is always to opportunity to complete in other areas.
  • Remember to Write Award Donor Thank You’s

    Please remember to take a few minutes to write a thank you to your recognition banquet award sponsor. Thank you cards and address labels were provided with all sponsored awards. You may not realize it, but your thanks means a ton to our supporters.
  • McLeod County 4-H Award Winners

    “And the Award goes to…!” The annual McLeod County 4-H Awards Celebration was held on Sunday, November 12, 2017. Federation Officers led the event honoring McLeod County 4-H’ers for their accomplishments during the past year. During awards, we installed our new Federation Officers, recognized our first, fifth, and ten year members and volunteers, recognized our volunteers, donors, champions, and other award winners. Thank you to the Bear Lake Beavers 4-H Club for serving at this year’s host! Thank you to the Federation Officers for leading the event and the 4-H Ambassadors for helping with set up, taking pictures, and handing out awards! Also, thank you to all donors! Our program would not be as successful without you!
  • 4-H County Fair Auction Changes for 2018

    Changes for the 2018 4-H County Fair Auction were approved at the November 20, 2017 4-H Auction Committee Meeting.
  • Favorite Food Show Planning Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Favorite Food Show planning meeting on Monday, January 22.
  • Favorite Food Show Planning Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Favorite Food Show planning meeting on Monday, January 22.
  • Favorite Food Show Planning Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Favorite Food Show planning meeting on Monday, January 22.
  • January 4-H Federation Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Federation Meeting on Monday, January 22.
  • Shooting Sports Planning Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Shooting Sports planning meeting on Thursday, December 14.
  • 4-H Ambassadors: Please Sign Up for Remind

    We're going to try using Remind for our 4-H Ambassador group to help share important information and reminders for our group. Our ambassador group is open to any 4-H'er 6th grade - one year after high school graduation. To sign up, please visit Thanks in advance for being part of our group!
  • 4-H Ambassador Meeting

    Please join us for our 4-H Ambassador Meeting on Sunday, December 3.
  • Have you applied to be a Regional Camp Counselor yet?

    Youth in grades 7+ are encouraged to apply to become a 4-H Camp Counselor for the 2018 Regional 4-H Camp scheduled for June 19th-21st in Morris.
  • McLeod County 4-H Winter Weather Protocol

    We follow closures and cancellations of schools. For all county-wide events, we will cancel in the event that one or more schools closes early, closes for the day or calls off after school activities. Cancellation and rescheduling decisions will be communicated to our 4-H members and volunteers through sending a mass email and text message (only to those who have ok’d it in 4honline) to all members and volunteers using 4honline. We will also contact KDUZ/KARP radio to have them make cancellation announcements. When cancelling an event that will be attended by only a small number of people, in addition to sending an email, text, and contacting the radio, we will make calls to those who have pre-registered. We will try to make cancellation and rescheduling decisions as soon as possible for all events, but no later than 12 p.m. (if possible) on the day of the event for a weeknight meeting/event and the work day prior to an event for weekend events. Most importantly, use your best judgment. If you feel it is unsafe to travel, please do not do so.
  • Find college scholarships for engineering careers

    High school students pursuing engineering as a post-secondary option – check out this giant list of scholarships, curated by the American Society for Engineering Education.

  • Message from Dorothy: Giving to grow leaders

    Associate dean and state 4-H director Dorothy Freeman shares a story about 12 year old Mela. Because of generous 4-H volunteers, Mela has grown into a confident leader.
  • Participate in 2018 project bowls!

    2018 project bowl information is now available! Form a team and participate in one of the four regional Minnesota 4-H Project Bowls across the state. Check out the website for rules, resources and more to get your team started!
  • Club and project leaders -- know and connect with new members!

    Connecting with new 4-H families is an important part of enrollment. Club and project leaders are reminded that they can use 4HOnline to obtain updated member lists and contact information. User guides and video tutorials are available.
  • Save the date for the 2018 Southwest Animal Science Challenge!

    The 2018 Southwest Animal Science Challenge will be held on Saturday, Feb. 17, in Wabasso, Minnesota. This event will include horse and livestock project bowl competitions, hands-on skill-a-thon stations, and workshops on a variety of topics. 4-H'ers can attend as a project bowl team, or as an individual.
  • Plan to attend the 2018 Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) trip to Washington DC!

    Minnesota 4-H youth in grades 9-13 are invited to strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills at a national level by attending Citizenship Washington Focus in Washington D.C. from June 23-30, 2018. Registration will open Feb. 1, and close when all spaces have been filled, or by Feb. 28, whichever comes first.
  • Order from the Clovermart Winter Sale!

    The 2017-18 Clovermart winter sale is still open! We are accepting orders until Jan. 5. Clovermart is the place to find all of your Minnesota 4-H apparel and merchandise for everyone in the family.
  • Register now for the BLU leadership workshops!

    Register now for the BLU leadership workshops for youth in 6th grade on up! Five BLUs will be held at locations across the state – registration deadlines vary by location. This is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills and meet other youth from the area!
  • 4-H Press Releases

    Here are some press releases that were submitted to local media.
  • 2017-2018 McLeod County 4-H Program Goals

    We hope that you’ll help us achieve our county 4-H program goals!
  • Message from Dorothy: Volunteering is a gift we give ourselves

    During a month we often spend expressing gratitude for good things in our lives, associate dean and state 4-H director Dorothy Freeman encourages adults to add the gift of volunteering to your list.

  • Plan ahead for Citizenship Washington Focus 2018!

    Minnesota 4-H youth in grades 9-13 are invited to strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills at a national level by attending Citizenship Washington Focus in Washington D.C. from June 23-30, 2018. Pre-application materials will be available online Jan. 10, 2018.
  • Sign up for the BLU regional youth leadership workshops!

    Register for a regional youth leadership workshop for youth in grades 6-12 at one of five locations across the state. Activities are planned and facilitated by the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors!
  • Clovermart winter sale now open!

    Did you miss your favorite Minnesota 4-H styles at the state fair? Are you thinking of holiday gifts for 4-H loving people in your life? Good news - Minnesota 4-H Clovermart is open for a winter sale through Dec. 14.
  • It’s time to re-enroll

    Re-enrollment for 4-H members and adult volunteers is open. The volunteer re-enrollment period is Sept. 16 - Oct. 31. And remember, starting this fall, 4-H volunteer enrollment will last for three years.
  • Consider applying for an AMC 4-H Community Leadership Award

    The Extension Committee of the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) will select two 4-H club projects that will each receive awards of $500 in recognition for their contributions and service to their communities. The application deadline is Jan. 22.
  • Have you considered being a 4-H Camp Counselor?

    Plans are already underway for the 2018 Regional 4-H Camp in Morris and we will be looking for camp counselor applicants starting in November.
  • Message from Dorothy: Let’s celebrate the impact of 4-H

    Associate dean and state 4-H director Dorothy Freeman invites you to celebrate your 4-H story during National 4-H Week, Oct. 1 - 7, 2017.
  • Learn about the Science of Agriculture Challenge with this new video!

    The newest in the Discover Minnesota 4-H video series is ready just in time to start recruiting participants for the Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge.
  • State Fair Press Releases

    Please see the State Fair Press Releases below that were submitted to local media.
  • 4-H Week Resources

    If your club would like some 4-H week resources (PSAs, Brochures, Stickers, etc.) to use in your community, please let Darcy know.
  • 4-H Award Applications

    McLeod County 4-H Awards • All awards recipients are selected based applications and/or nominations submitted by 4-H members or 4-H adult volunteers. • 4-H members are encouraged to challenge themselves by working toward different awards as they advance in their 4-H career. • The number of awards presented in each category is based on the number of applications or nominations submitted. • Paper copies of applications and nomination forms are also available at the Extension Office. • All awards will be presented at Recognition Banquet. • All application and nomination forms are due third Monday in September. Late applications will not be accepted!
  • Congratulations to the 2017-18 Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador team

    Through citizenship education and leadership activities, the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors contribute meaningfully to 4-H and to their communities. Welcome the 2017-18 Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador team.

  • Discover Minnesota 4-H!

    Check out the new Discover Minnesota 4-H video series on YouTube! This collection of short videos is designed to help new 4-H families better understand our program, and to recruit new members!
  • Congratulations scholarship recipients!

    The Minnesota 4-H Foundation is pleased to announce 2017 scholarship recipients. Find out which youth and alumni from across Minnesota received this special honor.
  • New Family Videos of Common Questions

    Videos have been created to help answer common questions that new families have as they join 4-H.
  • Horse Arena Etiquette

    Using the Fairgrounds arena for 4-H horse practices is a privilege. We want everyone to be safe, learn new skills, and have fun! Please be sure to review our 4-H arena expectations and etiquette before coming to your first practice. As a reminder, scheduled 4-H horse practices are the only times that the arena is open for 4-H use.
  • Horsin' Around

    Earn prizes for spending time with your horse(s)! We encourage you to participate in our 4-H Horsin’ Around Program. The more time you spend with each horse/rider combination, the bigger the prizes you will receive. See below for more details, the forms needed, and to get started!
  • New support for the 2017 Engineering Design Challenge: Rube Goldberg

    New curriculum is available online now to help volunteers guide teams through understanding and building Rube Goldberg contraptions for the Engineering Design Challenge.
  • Interested in Attending 4-H Project Learning Activities Offered Outside of McLeod County?

    Check out 4-H Project Learning Activities Offered Outside of McLeod County
  • State Animal Science Project Development Committee Webinar Recording Available

    Check out the April 6 90-minute webinar recording for all livestock PDC's (except horse and dog) presented by the statewide core animal science team.
  • 4-H Dog Project rally materials have been revised

    Make sure you are using the updated materials!
  • County Meeting Agendas

    Please review county meeting agendas that are applicable to your family. All agendas are tentative and subject to change by 4-H Staff.
  • Opportunities Outside of McLeod County

    Check here to find information on 4-H workshops being offered in other counties!
  • McLeod County 4-H Events Calendar

    Check out our upcoming 4-H events!
  • Attention Minnesota 4-H Dairy Families!

    Four reminders Minnesota 4-H dairy project members will want to keep in mind:
  • County Meeting Minutes

    County Meeting Minutes can be found at
  • 4-H Event Scholarships

    McLeod County 4-H Event Scholarship Process Purpose: For 4-H members and adults to share knowledge and experiences; to experience making presentations; to provide additional challenges for youth gained by attending 4-H sponsored events.
  • New Member Newsletters

    We realize that joining 4-H can be overwhelming, so six different issues of this special “Spotlight for New Members” have been created to help you learn about 4-H throughout your first year of involvement. I hope that this publication will help answer some basic questions for you and your family. Please remember that at any time, feel free to contact your club leader or the Extension Office. All of us are happy to answer your questions and help you navigate through 4-H. We're all here to help your family succeed in 4-H!
  • Changes in Policy and Practice To Ensure Safety of Minors

    Important training for adult volunteers, to be completed by July 1, 2015.
  • 4-H Records

    Click above to access McLeod County 4-H Records. This includes the General Project record, Small Animal record, Large Animal record, Participation record and Cloverbud record.
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