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Nutrient Management Facebook Page

Source: Sarah Eggert, Meeker County Agricultural Intern

The University of Minnesota Extension Nutrient Management Team has recently started up a Facebook page for farmers and those that are interested in managing nutrients on farms. This page, along with other University of Minnesota Extension teams can be found on Facebook.

The Nutrient Management Team at the UMN Extension focuses on improving overall crop production and nutrient management within your crops. There are a variety of resources that can be found on their page to help identify any problems that may be wrong with your crops. There are articles regarding multiple things, such as if you believe that your field is lacking nutrients and nitrogen. There are also lots of questionnaires and quizzes that tell the farmer exactly what they need if their fields seem to be lacking in Nitrogen or other vital resources. They also pair up with the Crop Team to create numerous videos that farmers can watch to get a first-hand look at what different problems could look like in different types of crops.

Within the University of Minnesota Extension, numerous employees hold positions on different “teams”. The Nutrient Management team is one of these that are run by different Extension employees throughout the state. Together, they work together to promote how farmers can improve their crops. 

This page has a variety of resources available to farmers and gardeners that are looking into more resources for their growing crop. If you are worried about your crops or gardening lacking in the vital nutrients that they need, head to their Facebook page to find out more information about how to better your crop.

In addition to their newly created Facebook page, they also post numerous articles by Extension employees on their Extension page, at

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