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Hot Topics

  • Avian Influenza (HPAI)

    There have been many reports of avian influenza throughout Minnesota. Recently, they have also confirmed the presence in Meeker County as well. The following information will help you understand avian influenza.
  • Tips for Utilizing Seed Placed Starter

    The use of starter fertilizer placement on the seed (known as in-furrow placement) is commonplace in many areas of Minnesota. Dr. Dan Kaiser, University of Minnesota Soil Extension Specialist discusses the value of in-furrow starter fertilizer when corn prices are low.
  • Taking a Good Soil Sample

    Soil test analysis data collected from a field or garden can be no better than the sample. Therefore, proper collection of the soil sample is extremely important. Keep reading for great tips about how to get just such a sample.
  • Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer Training to be Held at the Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve

    Do you enjoy learning about the natural world? If so, consider becoming a Minnesota Master Naturalist volunteer! Continue reading for more information.
  • Spring Has Sprung! But Wait…

    News Release by Beth Berlin
  • Managing Farm Finances in Challenging Times- Strengthen Your Cash Position

    Many business management experts agree having a strong liquidity position is very important in times of tight profit margins or to survive (hopefully short) periods of negative profit margins. What is financial liquidity? Read on for that answer and more.
  • Weeds to Watch - Wild Parsnips

    Wild parsnips (Pastinaca sativa) is a weed to watch and control in Meeker and McLeod Counties. Plants are primarily found along the edges of fields, ditches, and areas that are not in crop production. There can be concerns if hay is made with these plants due to their toxicity when ingested.
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