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Gardening Questions?

University of Minnesota Extension, Stearns County News
March 7, 2018        
Source:  Beth Berlin, Extension Educator-Horticulture
University of Minnesota Extension
Stearns, Benton, & Morrison Counties


Gardening Questions?
By Beth Berlin, University of Minnesota Extension

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (03/01/18) — Ever have a gardening question and not know where to start searching for an answer?  Try using the University of Minnesota Extension’s Yard and Garden website. This site provides a credible, researched-based source of information.  Wonder if there are any gardening education events going on in your county?  Visit the new University of Minnesota Extension County sites.

The University of Minnesota Extension Garden website, provides quality information on an array of horticulture topics.  The site is easy to navigate, and provides a search tool if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for.  Once on the Garden site, you can select Yard and Garden to find information about best plants and gardening practices for Minnesota gardens, lawns, and landscapes. Or visit the Pest Management section where the site will help guide you through to determine what kind of pest you may have, and how to manage it.  The Diagnose a Problem is a link that will ask you three questions: “What’s wrong with my plant? Is this plant a weed?, and What insect is this?” University of Minnesota Extension Educators continue to update and improve the site to accommodate the needs of horticulture consumers. In addition, the site provides information on pesticide safety, wildlife, and an entire section on Commercial Horticulture.

For example, if you noticed the leaves on your ash tree are starting to turn brown, you can simply go to the site, click on Diagnose a Problem, then What’s wrong with my plant?, select Deciduous trees, shrubs, and vines, find Ash, and click on the symptom “Leaves partially or completely brown.” Once there, you will be able to view photos and read about possible causes and find management practices or solutions. It may appear a bit complicated, but I assure you it is a very user friendly site, and easy to navigate through.   

County Extension websites can be found at and will allow you to select your specific county or any Minnesota county to view local topics or events.  County Extension Educators and support staff update their county site frequently with articles written by the local extension educators, as well as list upcoming events, and provide registration information.  The site also provides contact information for your county office, and other helpful links such as the number and information on the “Answer Line,” an information line about safely cooking, canning, and freezing.

The internet provides a wealth of information with only a few clicks, but when it comes to gardening questions, start with the University of Minnesota Extension websites for credible, researched-based information.  Likely, you will not only find quality information on the topic you were searching, but discover great information on other topics or learn about upcoming education events.

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