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Feedlot ration balancer: A useful tool for cattle feeders

Mike Boersma

The University of Minnesota Extension Beef Team developed the U of M Feedlot Ration Balancer to help beef producers and feedlot managers more closely examine the nutrient requirements of their growing cattle.  The ration balancer is a Microsoft Excel computer program that is available for download from the internet.  It is free of charge and is designed to help producers more closely study the nutritional needs of cattle on their operations. 

When used correctly, the program allows producers to more accurately formulate rations to meet the requirements of their animals and to optimize performance without overfeeding expensive nutrients.   The program allows the producer to balance a ration to meet animal requirements and also includes features to predict performance and financial information.  These tools are beneficial when making important management decisions for the operation.

The computerized program allows feedlot operators to customize the program for their own operations and individual pens of cattle.  These environmental and management adjustment factors help the user to formulate a diet that will more accurately meet the needs of his or her animals in a specific environment and under differing management practices.

The U of M Feedlot Ration Balancer can be found here.  If you experience any technical difficulties or have questions or comments about the program, please email:

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