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Garden Gatherings Newsletter

October 2017

Inside this issue:

  • October Gardening Tips
  • Dandelions
  • Houseplant Pest Problems Likely to Increase
  • Fungus Gnats in Homes
  • Yard and Garden: Handling and Maintaining Houseplants during Winter
  • Yard and Garden: Handling Poinsettias during the Holiday Season
  • Yard and Garden: Selecting and Caring for Christmas Trees
  • Fall Garden Chores Checklist
  • What's Happening


September 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Renville County Fair 2017 Hi-lights
  • September Gardening Tips
  • Yard and Garden: Planting and Dividing Lilies in Fall
  • Weed of the Month - Purslane
  • Bug of the Month - Leafhoppers and planthoppers
  • Fall Yard and Garden Cleanup
  • Harvesting and Storing Pumpkins and Winter Squash
  • Yard and Garden: Harvesting and Storing Apples
  • Yard and Garden: Preparing Strawberry Plants for Winter
  • Yard and Garden: Storing Fall Garden Produce
  • What's Happening

Download the September issue below to read more and see upcoming events in your area.


August 2017

Inside this issue:

  • MDA Warns of Dangers of Poison Hemlock
  • Butterflies
  • August Gardening Tips
  • Renville County Fair
  • Herbs that Attract Pollinators
  • Growing Garlic in Minnesota
  • Sustainable Gardening
  • Annual Plants - Graceful Grasses Purple Fountain Grass
  • Weed of the Month - Creeping Jenny
  • Perennial of the Month - Goldenrods
  • Bug of the Month - Slugs and Snails
  • Edible Flowers
  • What's Happening

Download the August issue below to read more and see upcoming events in your area.


July 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Planting, Growing and Harvesting Dill
  • July Garden Tips
  • Herbs Don't Always Play Nice
  • What Herbs Are the Best to Plant?
  • Warning Invasive Worm - Jumping Worms
  • Rain Gardens
  • Perennial Herbs for Cold Climates
  • Annual Plants - Angelface
  • Weed of the Month
  • Perennial of the Month - Dianthus
  • Bug of the Month - Mealybugs
  • Some of the Best Annuals for Attracting Bees and Butterflies
  • Meet the "Other" Pollinators
  • What's Happening

Download the July issue below to read more and see upcoming events in your area.


June 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Revised Tree Planting Techniques
  • 2017 Annual of the Year
  • Plant a Moonlight Garden
  • June Gardening Tips
  • Sustainable Gardening
  • Annual of the Month - Butterfly - Marguerite Daisy
  • Disease of the Month - Bacterial Canker of Garden Tomatoes
  • Perennial of the Month - New England Aster
  • Bug of the Month - Phlox Plant Bug
  • Iron Chlorosis
  • Plant Allopathic Chemicals Reactions
  • Next Meeting
  • What's Happening

Download the June issue to read more and see upcoming events in your area. 


May 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Rhubarb is In-Season
  • May Gardening Tips
  • Water Wisely: Annuals and Perennials
  • Fall Color in your Garden
  • Cutting Gardens
  • Annual of the Month - Blue My Mind Dwarf Morning Glory
  • Perennial of the Month - Fernleaf Peony
  • Bug of the Month - Japanese Beetles
  • Weed of the Month - Spotted Spurge
  • Sustainable Garden Series
  • From Field to Feast
  • What's Happening


April 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Chives
  • Bees need our help to pollinate
  • Fall colors in the flower garden
  • Water Wisely
  • April gardening tips 2017
  • Annual of the month 
  • Bug of the month - Iris Borer
  • Weed of the month - Virginia creeper
  • Alert: Palmer Amaranth infestations 
  • What's Happening

Download the April issue to read more and see upcoming events in your area.


March 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Growing basil
  • How to Start Seeds Indoors
  • Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake
  • Perennial of the Month – Honeysuckle - Lonicera sp
  • Bug of the Month - Cyclamen & Broad Mites
  • Weed of the Month - Black Medic
  • Fall Colors in the Flower Garden
  • March Gardening Tips 2017
  • What’s Happening

Download the March issue to read more and see upcoming events in your area. 


February 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Herbs – A Very Versatile Plant
  • All-America Selections Announced for 2017
  • Water-Wise Pollinator Gardens
  • February Gardening Tips 2017
  • Annual of the Month
  • Perennial of the Month
  • Bug of the Month
  • Weed of the Month

Download the February issue to read more and see upcoming events in your area.


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