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4-H Talent Show - Share the Fun/Performing Arts/Demonstration/Illustrated Presentation Showcase

Scott County 4-H Share the Fun, Performing Arts and Demonstrations Showcase will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 (not at the county fair) at 9 a.m. at Oak Terrace Senior Living in Jordan.  There will be time for members to participate in skits, individual performances as well as demonstrations. To register, complete the registration form and return to the Scott County Extension Office no later than Friday, January 5, 2018.

Share the Fun
• Share the Fun is an opportunity for 4-H’ers to experience performing with a group, usually your club.
• Group performances help 4-H’ers develop poise, self-confidence and discipline.
• The project also expands interest, knowledge and skill in the performing arts.
• It involves having fun, working with others and sharing the results of the work with an audience.
• Bring anything you need to do your performance (such as CD player, costumes, props, etc.).  A piano, music stand and microphone will be provided that day.
• Acts shall not exceed 6 minutes in length.
• The Share the Fun performance that is judged to be the best will have the opportunity to perform at the State Fair.

Performing Arts
• The Performing Arts project is an opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their talents in the areas of drama, music, dance, and other forms of performing arts.
• The project combines stage presence with skill development and sharing those skills with others.
• You will do your performance for the audience and a judge.
• After your performance, the judge will meet with you to discuss your performance.
• Participants are judged not only on their performance, but also on an individual conference interview.
• Performances shall not exceed 6 minutes in length.
• All participants must bring a poster, display, or notebook hat describes skills, previous experience and/or future plans within their performing arts project area.
• Performances can be done individually or as a team.
• Bring anything you need to do your performance (such as CD player, costumes, props, etc.).  A piano, music stand and microphone will be provided that day.

Performing Arts State Fair Eligibility
• Judges will select participants to advance to State Fair.
• Participants must be enrolled in the “Performing Arts” project area by May 15, 2018.
• Participants must have completed 6th grade by State Fair time.

Public Speaking (you may choose your own topic)
• No signing, visual aids or music tapes are permitted.
• The speech must be written by the participant with no more than 10% being quotations.
• Only 3x5 cards can be used for reference in the intermediate and senior division.

Interpretive Reading
• Chosen reading may be read from a script or memorized.
• Sources can be published prose, poetry, fiction, comedy, humor, children’s literature, news articles, speeches, letters, journals, etc. (appropriate sources can be put together with brief bridging statements).
• Presentations must include the source, author, and short introduction (all included in your total time limit).

Time Limits for Public Speaking and Interpretive Reading
• Cloverbuds 1-3 minutes  Beginners 2-4 minutes
• Intermediate 4-5 minutes  Seniors 7-8 minutes

Demonstration Day
• Demonstration Day is an opportunity for 4-H members to show others how to do something related to their projects or any area of interest or expertise the member has.
• They can be done as an individual or as part of a team.
• Individual presentations shall not exceed 15 minutes in length and team presentations should not exceed 25 minutes in length.
• The presentation can be one of the following:
 Demonstration – An oral presentation
 Illustrated Presentation – Oral presentation with supporting visuals
 Video – A self-presenting visual or multi-media presentation that does not include the live interaction of the 4-H’er (something that just plays/presents on its own)
• Presentation software (such as PowerPoint) may be used to enhance both Demonstrations and Illustrated Presentations.

• “Youth in Action” demonstrations are not part of this event. They must be done at the county fair. Please notify the Extension Office at (952) 492-5410 by June 19, 2018 if you intend to do a Youth in Action demonstration. Read the premium book for further details.

Call our office if you would like information to help you plan your demonstration.

What to Bring
Anything you need to do your demonstration (poster, props, laptop computer, projector, etc.)  We encourage you to bring your parents, friends and guests. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to see what you’ve learned in your project area.  Please note:  You must provide your own computer equipment.

At your scheduled judging time, you will give your presentation to the group and judge.  After your demonstration, the judge may ask you a few questions on your demonstration.

Set-up and Judging Time
We will contact you after the registration deadline with your set-up time and judging schedule.

Some participants may be selected by the judges to attend the State Fair. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.  

Sara: 952-492-5388 or
Ian: 952-492-5384 or



Sara Wagner
County 4-H Prog Coord, Youth Teaching Youth
(952) 492-5388
Ian Marquez
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(952) 492-5384

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