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2014 Dairy and Dairy Goat Renewing Currently ID'd Animals

2014 Dairy and Dairy Goat Renewing Currently ID’d Animals
February 26, 2014

TO:  Minnesota 4-H Animal Science Project Members – Dairy and Dairy Goat

FROM:  Connie Rettmann, 4-H Program Coordinator

RE:  IMPORTANT Information about Currently ID’d Dairy and Dairy Goat Animals

Thank you for your past enrollment in the dairy and/or dairy goat projects. We hope you find these projects both challenging and rewarding. This letter contains an important change to the animal identification process as we make the shift from paper affidavits to online animal identification.

Minnesota 4-H is using its online enrollment system, 4HOnline, to record all animal identifications in 2014.  4HOnline has the capability to track animal ownership and identification data and has been used successfully in other states.  Online animal identification reduces inaccuracies and inefficiencies that were a part of our past paper system.  More information and a 4HOnline user guide can be found at

Please note that this letter is only about existing ID’s (animals currently ID’d as 4-H projects). The process for ID’ing new animals will be released sometime in late February and posted online at

However, dairy and dairy goat animals must be ID’d before first freshening. If you have an animal that is due to freshen before the “new animal” ID process opens up, you still MUST ID that animal with your county extension office BEFORE it freshens. The ID form for this is available from your county extension staff (see above) or online at

As mentioned above, all currently ID’d dairy and dairy goat animals must be verified and entered into 4HOnline.  This will require you to review all existing ID’s and indicate which animals are still 4-H projects and which ID’s can be removed (once removed, they cannot be re-added later).

In Sibley County, the following options are available for you to do this:
• You can to come to the Extension Office, but you MUST call and make an appointment to do so. PLEASE DO this by Monday, March 10, 2014.
We realize that coming in to our office requires extra effort on your part, but this option is highly recommended as it will result in the most accurate review of your dairy animals.

o Our office is located at:  111 8th Street, Gaylord, MN  55334
o Phone:  507-237-4100
o Email:

• Staff will bring all of the dairy affidavits to the Animal PDC Meeting.  You may come to this meeting.
o The meeting will be held at: Sibley County Service Center, Tuesday, March 4, 7:00 p.m., Gaylord, MN  55334
o More information:  507-237-4100

ALL CURRENT ANIMALS MUST BE VERIFIED WITH THE EXTENSION STAFF BY MONDAY, MARCH 24.  We will then enter them into 4-H Online which needs to be completed by April 1.

For more information about the Dairy and Dairy Goat projects, or if you have questions, please refer to the Dairy and Dairy Goat Information sheets, go online to or contact your county Extension Staff.

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