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Animal ID Information


We still have a large number of Dairy Cow and Dairy Goat ID's on file in the Extension Office. Many of them are several years old. All existing Dairy Goat and Dairy Cow ID's that we have in the Extension Office should have been be entered into 4HOnline by Monday March 31st. If you plan to exhibit any of the animals we have ID's for please CALL OR EMAIL Connie, 651-565-5168 or and make an appointment to enter your ID information.

This is your responsibility. All paper ID's will be shredded in the spring of 2015!

If you plan to never exhibit the animals on file, please let us know. We will keep the ID affidavit for one year and they will be shredded next spring. We will not take the time to enter them in 4HOnline.


On April 1st, 2014 4-H families were able to enter animal ID information directly into 4HOnline. This includes Breeding Beef, Dairy Cows and Dairy Goats that have not yet freshened, Market Goats, Swine, Breeding Sheep, Market Sheep and Rabbits. Paper ID affidavits will no longer be used, nor will we accept them in the Extension Office. If you have a dog, horse or rabbit currently on file, you will need to enter them as new animals in 4HOnline. You will need to have current coggins information for horse and current vaccination records for dogs.

All animal ID information must be entered into 4HOnline by 11:59 p.m. May 15th, 2014.

Species specific ID letters are posted on the Extension Website.

Please call or email if you have any questions OR to set up a time to enter your Dairy Goat/ Dairy Cow ID's.


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