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Code of Conduct

When you enroll in 4-H as a member, youth sign the Member Code of Conduct and parents sign the Parent Code of Conduct in order for the enrollment to be accepted and the status to become ‘active’; same goes for screened volunteers.  So, by having an ‘active’ membership status in 4-H, we have proof that you agreed to abide by the appropriate Code of Conduct for your role.  In ‘A Letter to 4-H’ers’, it is referenced that ALL Codes of Conduct MUST be followed during the fair with consequences mounting to being banned from participation in future years’ fairs.  For review, here are the Codes of Conduct that you’ve agreed to, I suggest you give them a quick read as a reminder before the fair.  I understand that toward the end of the fair we’re all hot and tired and ready to be home BUT we are still 4-H’ers and still representing 4-H on a public platform so we still need to adhere to these codes.

Click on the link below to read about the Code of Conduct.


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