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A Note from Virginia .....


Thankfully the weather has decided to become a bit more favorable and it actually kind of feels like fall—we’re hoping it holds out through Halloween (and deer hunting and Thanksgiving!).  All of which will be here before we know it!  This time of year always gets me excited for a couple of reasons—I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving AND we have some time to start dreaming up the next big things for the 2019 Summer, of course including the Wadena County Fair which will take place June 20-23 in 2019. 

Speaking of County Fair, at the end of this month, we will hopefully be making a decision about any changes that may or may not happen to the Pride Auction.  Every enrolled family will be receiving a letter in the mail describing the different options and what they mean.  Please, PLEASE, PLEASE bring your opinions on this to your club leader!  They are the voice for your club at Council meetings where things are officially voted upon and become policies and procedures. 

We’re now a month into our new program year and wrapping up some fall programming this final week in October and excited for things to slow down a little so that we can really dig in and see what kinds of awesome we can pull off in this new year!  

On October 7, we held our Annual Volunteer Training, potluck, and awards program to celebrate the accomplishments of the past 4-H Program Year.  It was amazing to see all of the great food and conversations that were shared.  I think my favorite part about the Fall Awards event is seeing how many people have connected over the year and forged what you can tell will be lasting relationships (which happens to be exactly what the Annual Volunteer Training was about!); of course, it’s always fun to celebrate the achievements of the kids and time given by our amazing adult volunteers as well…so, who am I kidding? It’s all my favorite part!  Thank you so much to the Leaf River Builders and Hoppin’ Hares 4-H Clubs for hosting and decorating.  Congratulations to all of our award recipients as well as our new council officers: Lexi Pickar, Brandi Lalum, Jayma Lawson, & Otto Mattson—I look forward to continuing to work with each of you this year.

Below is a list of achievements that were celebrated in addition to the record awards that were given. 


Outstanding Club Secretary

  • Jezebel Snyder, Leaf River Builders

Friend of Forestry

  • Nolan Reger, Spirit Clovers

D’Juana Belch Award

  • Keisha Bertram, Independent

Pride Auction Scholarship

  • Matthew Goeden, Leaf River Builders & Brandi Lalum, Wadena Juniors

Club Participation Incentive

  • Spirit Clovers

Beef Herdsmanship

  • West Jolly Jets

Dairy Herdsmanship

  • Ambitious & 4-Corners

Small Animal Herdsmanship

  • West Jolly Jets

Horticulture Award grades 3-5

  • Lily Parker

Horticulture Award grades 6+

  • Kayla Meeks

25 year volunteer

  • Anita Hoeper


  • Keisha Bertram, Independent & Amber Johnson, Ambitious


The awards program is sponsored in part by the Wadena Rotary, with special awards sponsored by Todd Wadena Electric Coop, the Verndale Garden Club, Jack & Lucille Belch, and Tom and Lisa Kajer.  We are so thankful to these families, clubs, and businesses who continue to support our program here in Wadena County!

Club charters are due October 31, thank you to those clubs who have already turned them in, all others: we are anxiously awaiting their arrival!  If it wasn’t on your October agenda, make sure to approve them during your November meeting.  A reminder that all clubs whose charters are not in and approved by December 31 will be in dissolution and all enrolled members will receive a notice that they must switch! 

Lastly, together with a few of our neighboring counties, there are going to be some pretty cool opportunities for older youth coming up this winter; be sure to check them out in the Upcoming Opportunities article! 

Now, take some time to enjoy autumn’s last fleeting days (hopefully more like weeks!) before we are inevitably blanketed in the cold, white fluff we endearingly call ‘snow.’   If you’re a hunting family: good luck, have fun, and be safe! 

What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? 

Answer: SQUASH!

I sincerely hope that you all get to enjoy a wonderfully warm Thanksgiving dinner and holiday with your loved ones!


Virginia Hendrickx
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 631-7623
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