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Note from Virginia ....

I swear each month continues to tick by even more quickly than the last, and with the holiday season officially upon us, there likely will not be a slow-down until next month sometime.  I hope that this letter finds you all had a safe, warm, and happy Thanksgiving.  Personally, I ate too much but I like to think that calories don’t count on holidays! 

With Christmastime so near, I know that families most schedules are crazy busy so I hope that you find comfort in knowing that there are not a lot of 4-H events going on this month, other than your clubs’ Christmas parties and meetings, but our 4-H clubs are like family anyhow, right?!  While it is a fairly slow time of the year, I do have a lot of things to share with you all..

There will be a multi-county teen mixer at Detroit Mountain on Wednesday, December 20 from 6-9 pm.  Unfortunately, this is a Wednesday evening which I know can conflict with church activities—this is not a mandatory event, so please honor any previous commitments that you may have.  Due to our large group size, we can only have the event at Detroit Mountain when they are not open to the public.  Check out this event in the ‘Upcoming Opportunities’ article for the full details, but keep in mind that you MUST preregister as we will need to add some temporary extra insurance for all participants.  Additionally, the council will provide a scholarship for half so this event will only cost you $10 to attend. 

The ambassadors met on November 10 (most of them, not everyone was able to make it) and we had a great time getting to know each other and starting to practice public speaking.  During the meeting, it was decided that we’ll meet again over the holiday break so start our curriculum and probably more importantly have some down time for the youth involved to bond and form a team.  If you’ve turned in your ambassador application, watch your email this week for a message to help decide the best date/time.  If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, contact me ASAP to get started!

High school aged students (ages 14-18), you have the opportunity to join a legacy of 4-H citizenship by attending Citizenship Washington Focus.  This program has been running for over 50 years and given thousands of 4-H’esr the chance to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in a life-changing week that empowers them to take their leadership skills to the next level.  Not only does this trip get you the chance to see the sights of DC, but you also get to spend some time experiencing the legislative process.  Registration for this opens February 1, so take some time to think about your interest and let me know if you have any questions!

Wadena County 4-H is looking to expand our social media portfolio to include Instagram and Twitter!  We’re looking for someone (preferably high school aged youth) who’d be willing to work with us to help post on these new accounts.  Get in touch with me if you’re interested in filling this void for us!  We thought it’d be nice to provide some post through the lens of a youth in 4-H rather than always coming from adults and staff.

The County Fair is still months away but we have a fun opportunity for each club in the downtime.  It’s been widely publicized that this year will mark the 125th Wadena County Fair; what better place to advertise 4-H than at the fair where we are already present?!  We’d like each club to work together to create a 4-H or County Fair themed (in any element—food, dairy, swine, horse, flower gardening, crops, the possibilities are endless!) face in the hole board.  We will also be soliciting your help on our Facebook page to come up with a fun hashtag to have post to their social media accounts so that we can easily gather some photos after the fair.  Here are some examples of but Pinterest and Google each have tons more for inspiration.   Be creative, do this together, and by all means put your club name at the bottom as the sponsor!  The boards and some paint will be provided, given that we will not know everyone’s designs and colors needed we can’t furnish all paint. Happy designing, we are SO looking forward to seeing your creativity! 

There are some other opportunities in the coming months so please make sure to check out the Upcoming Opportunities article for the latest on what’s available and the details for each opportunity—there are a few that have registration deadlines shortly after the holiday season so I encourage you to be mindful of those dates in addition to actual event dates.

Also, we have a new feature to our newsletter starting this month!  Our 4-H Spotlight will follow enrolled 4-H’ers and screened volunteers to highlight their 4-H experience.  These will also be featured in local newspapers but you’ll always find them here, first!  Our goal is the show the diverse array of experiences that 4-H has to offer and keep you wondering who next month’s ‘face of 4-H’ will be!

Q: What do you call a snowman in the summer?

A: a puddle!

This was the fate of ‘Frosting the Snowman’ my kids and I built in early November (he has since evaporated) and we’re hoping for some snow soon, Christmas sure seems merrier when it’s white…

Lastly, I wish you all the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year, filled with peace and prosperity!  May you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season


Virginia Hendrickx
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 631-7623
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