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Charlies Golfing Club Update

Charlie was able to play at 10 different golf courses from July 10th to August 9th. He played really well at some courses (Mississippi National Lowlands course) and missed the mark at The Ponds at Battle Creek, but overall it was a good month.

A very unusual round on July 10th at Oak Glen (Stillwater) to say the least. Hitting from 5,719 yards and a goal to beat of 114, Charlie shot a 101 (53-48). It is what happened on some of the individual holes that will have Charlie thinking about his visit to Oak Glen for a long time. He started off with a double bogey 6 on hole #1. Charlie usually starts off slow. Then, he got two pars on holes #2 (455 yards) and #3 (140 yards) before 4 putting, taking a penalty and shooting an 11 on hole #4. Only one time before at Troy Burne in the high school golf season has Charlie shot higher than a 9 on a hole in 2015. Following that 11, he added two pars on holes #6 (136) and #12 (158) before his visit to the #14 hole (Par 5, 447 yards). He took his tee shot with a 3 Wood which missed the fairway on the right. Then, he hit a 3 Hybrid to 105 yards out from the green. His third shot was a 7 Iron long to the back of the green. He then putted it from 61 Feet away with two breaks on the putt and dropped in his record-length putt from off the green. His longest putt before that was 50 feet at the Minnesota Valley Country Club in 2013. He ended up with 32 putts with 4-three & four putt holes and 8-one putt holes.

The Rick Stuhr Memorial Golf Tournament at Manitou Ridge on July 11th went very well as Charlie at hole #7 raised $510 to be split between Washington County 4H and Fraser. He also nearly got a hole in one with a tee shot from 145 yards with a 5 Iron, missing the hole by 1 inch
After missing his goal at Oak Marsh (111) in early July and shooting a 101 at Oak Glen, Charlie posted a 91 (45-46) at the Mississippi National Lowlands course (Red Wing) on July 12th. He recorded 5 pars on holes #7 (302 yards), #8 (165), #10 (438), #14 (184) & #15 (271). In a sign of good things, every hole was a double bogey or less except the par 3, 17th in which Charlie got a penalty and recorded a 6. He hit 8 of 12 fairways and had 32 putts.

Four days of golf are in the books as Charlie visited the Mississippi National Golf Links on July 13th. This time, his course was the Highlands course where using a cart is required due to the stunning views, uphill climbs and downhill drops. With a revised goal of 110, Charlie shot a 96 (45-51) with four pars on holes #2 (152 yards), #4 (167), #6 (188) & 13 (103). He also added 9 bogeys to the mix. He had two notable putts on hole #4 from 26 feet with dropped for par and a 56 foot putt on hole #10 which lipped out. Fairways and putting were not his friends with only 3 of 12 reached and 35 putts, He loved the views from hole #13 and hole #17 (signature hole) which Charlie from the blue tees (measuring 143 yards), hit an 9 iron and left it short into the hill. He then jammed the ball onto the green and two putted for a bogey.

Good times at the Majestic Oaks-Signature course on July 18th. With a goal to beat of 111, Charlie shot a 96 (49-47) with 3 pars on holes #3 (315 yards), #4 (167) and #16 (432). He hit 5 of the first 7 fairways, but could only muster 3 of the last 7. His putting was off with 35 putts as he left many short from the slow greens. He expected the Signature course to be much tougher than when he shot an 88 at their Crossroads course earlier in his tour.

Another good round at Mount Frontenac on July 19th. Charlie shot a 92 (47-45) with 4 pars on holes #3 (173 yards), #7 (275), #14 (262) & #18 (444). He recorded 34 putts and hit 8 of 13 fairways. He felt his putting was off with two, 3 putt holes in the first three holes of the round. Last year, Charlie shot a 94 at Mount Frontenac, but recorded 25 putts in the 18 holes.

Charlie played a round of golf on July 25th in which one statistic has occurred only two other times. At Pheasant Hills in Hammond, Wisconsin, Charlie shot a 97 (52-45) and got three pars on holes #7 (333 yards), #10 (326) and #13 (440). More interestingly, Charlie got the most bogeys (11) for only the third time ever. With no double bogeys and 3 pars, Charlie posted four triple bogeys to round out 18 holes. He had 34 putts and hit 8 of 14 fairways.

Charlie tackled Stillwater Oaks on July 26th at his 36th golf course of the season. With a Par on hole #18, Charlie reached his goal of raising $3,500 ($3,504.68) for the season. Of that amount, $1,687.80 goes to Washington County 4H and $1,816.88 goes to Fraser. He ended his round of 101 (55-46) (Goal: 111) with two pars (#1, 426 yards) & #18 (309 yards) and one birdie at hole #16 (120 yards). He hit 8 of 13 fairways and dropped 33 putts.

Charlie found his trip to Phalen Park to be frustrating on August 1st. With a goal to beat of 113, Charlie could not find the fairway as he hit 5 of 14 and totaled 37 putts on the day. His score was a modest 100 (51-49) with 1 par (hole #6, 358 yards) and 8 bogeys.

Last year at Pine Island, Charlie went into the round hitting from 5,404 yards and a goal to beat of 115. This year, Charlie added 100 yards and has driven his goal to beat at this course down to 110. Last year, no pars and only four bogeys in his round of 18. He ended up with 4 of 10 fairways hit and 36 putts. Last year, Charlie made his goal by four shots. On August 8th, he bettered his goal by 11 shots as he hit a 99 (51-48). He only hit 5 of 13 fairways and had 36 putts, but was more pleased this year than last year. He also added two pars on holes #10 (118 yards) and #12 (275). Thank you to Andy Black, Pine Island's General Manager who comped Charlie's round so he could donate it to charity.

A day to forget on August 9th. With a rain delay after 3 holes and the tee shots going no where, Charlie posted a 122 (63-59) at the Ponds at Battle Creek (Maplewood). He recorded no pars and only four bogeys in his round of 18. He ended up with 4 of 10 fairways hit and 36 putts. Charlie is going to Montana and will take a 21 day break from Charlies Golfing Club action. He will resume on the 30th of August.


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