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Charlie's Golfing Club update

October started off well as good weather allowed for some intense golfing to complete the 2014 season. A fine day to golf as Charlie would say except for a challenging wind at Legacy Golf Club in Faribault. With a goal to beat of 115, Charlie posted a 105 (53-52). He did get skunked for pars this time as he recorded 8 bogeys at Legacy. His putting was off with 38 putts and he only hit 4 of 14 available fairways.

Another exciting day at the golf course on his next round as Charlie took to Goodrich (Maplewood) for his 27th course of the season. Last season at Goodrich, Charlie posted a 112 and with an official goal this season of 115, he shattered his mark by 15 shots with a 100 (53-47). He did get one par on hole #16 (304 yards) and short chipping was his best today, but he did not follow it up with good putting (37 putts). Highlight of the day was the first ever 200-yard+ drive (205) for Charlie which occurred on hole #14.

Next up was a round of golf not seen since Charlie played at Mount Frontenac on July 6th. He tackled the New Prague golf course. With a revised goal of 114, Charlie shot a 95 (46-49), beating his goal by 19 shots. He started out fast with pars on holes #2 (233 yards), #3 (319 yards) and #9 (306 yards) before slowing down slightly as he recorded his longest par of the day on hole #13 (420 yards). His putting was greatly improved from Goodrich with 31 putts and two long putts on hole #3 (52 feet) and hole #11 (29 feet). He was close to breaking out as in addition to the four pars, he had 8 bogeys.

Not as good of a round as at New Prague, but Charlie beat his goal for the seventh consecutive course. This time, Charlie played at Rum River Hills (Ramsey) and with a goal to beat of 115, Charlie shot a 105 (53-52). He started off fast with three pars and a bogey in the first five holes, but could not maintain that pace. The par on hole #2 (436 yards) was nearly the longest par 5 Charlie has ever made and the par on hole #5 (362 yards) was the longest par 4 he has ever recorded as he putted from off the green into the hole. He also added a par on hole #3 at 272 yards.

Charlie's time with Charlies Golfing Club has ended for the 2014 season at Manitou Ridge. With a goal to beat of 116, Charlie shot a 108 (52-56). He was on pace to score under 100 until he hit the ninth hole and water. He was also doing well putting with 19 putts through 12 holes, but things got away from him in the last six holes. One bright spot was Charlie's longest-ever par (5) on hole #5 at 445 yards. He also started fast with five fairways hit in the first six holes, but he could not maintain that pace.

Charlie ended the 2014 season with 74 pars and 3 birdies in 30 rounds of golf compared to 2013's 52 pars and one birdie in 34 rounds of golf. His life-long goal is to be working in the golfing business and this winter through his on the job training program through his school, he is working at the Goodrich Golf Dome in anticipation of learning the skills to be working at a golf course next year. He is not sure at this time if he will continue Charlies Golfing Club in 2015, so he will make a decision at a later date.

He was very appreciative of all the support he has received this year from courses, individual golfers and tournaments that he has played. Charlie would like to thank Fraser, Rick Stuhr Memorial Tournament, the Autism Society of Minnesota, Teddy Bear Hugs U, and the David Riggs Fundraisers for inviting Charlie to participate in their events by helping to raise money for their events or Washington County 4H. His final tally based on his performance is $3,249 in pledges and donations to Washington County 4H. He started his season with a goal of $2,500. An impressive amount ($857) of this total of $3,249 came from tournaments, golf course donations and individual golfer donations. 13 different golf courses made a comp donation to Washington County 4H. Charlie thanks you all.

He hopes to continue this next year, but will base his decision on his employment in the golf business. We wish you a fine October and rest of the year. For the nine individuals who had already made their donations and friends of Charlie, he thanks you for your support and hopes you will enjoy this final report. For the people who made pledges based on how many holes he played or pars and birdies he got, you will each receive an individual email in the coming days with details about how much your pledge is and where to send your donation. Charlie thanks you for your support of 4H and his golfing game. In the last four years, Charlies Golfing Club members have pledged (2014) or donated $10,140 with $8,294 going to Washington County 4H and the remainder going to the Autism Society of Minnesota and the Courage Center. You ought to be as proud as Charlie. Another reason to thank you.


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