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Charlie's Golfing Club update

An interesting month of August as Charlie worked on the back side of his 30 course schedule. It can best be described as starting out with two fundraisers for a good cause, some rain, tough memorable courses and an opening to September where Charlie felt he was back on track.

He started off August with a fundraiser and a first-ever meeting with the people from TSE, an organization that provides employment supports and transportation for people with disabilities at Applewood Hills golf course. Then, Charlie moved on to the Autism Society of Minnesota golf fundraiser at the Troy Burne Golf Club (Hudson, WI) on August 4th. Charlie was based on hole #15 (125 yards) and hit some amazing tee shots and putts for all the groups that came through. It was an annual event of which he has a fun time with all the golfers.

Getting back to his regular tour schedule, Charlie beat his goal by nine shots but, felt the blues following his round at Hidden Haven (Cedar) on August 10th. He shot a 108 (55-53) and posted an unthinkable 12 on hole #4 which started his round on a bad note. It took him three holes later (#7, 143 yards) to post his first par, but nothing seemed the same. His drivers were off as he hit only three of 14 fairways and he had 37 putts.

It was a rainy April, May, June and Charlie felt lucky to not have a full rainout. His streak is intact in 2014, but he was only able to squeeze in nine holes before the rain arrived at Turtleback Golf Club in Rice Lake, Wisconsin on August 17th. With a goal to beat of 119, Charlie posted a 56 on the front nine. After a one-week delay, Charlie completed his 18-hole round at Turtleback with a closing 53 in nine holes to bring his 18-hole round to 109 (56-53). For only the second time this season, Charlie had no pars among his 18 holes. He had 36 putts and hit 6 of 14 fairways. Despite clouds all day and rain back in the Twin Cities, Charlie was able to escape the rain as he posted 10 shots below his goal to beat of 119. He is so thankful to General Manager Kevin Carter and his staff who made him feel so upbeat about playing this challenging course that he will for sure add Turtleback to his 2015 Tour Schedule. However, on a disappointing note, Charlie learned that another golf course that he played at (Begin Oaks, Plymouth) has closed for good. He really enjoyed playing there every year since 2011.

Next up was a course that has swallowed many a player and Charlie was not going to let the difficulty and the rain ruin his day at the Hazeltine National Golf Club. He had a rain delay on hole #16 and he bettered his goal of 116 by shooting a 114 (52-62) on the 2016 Ryder Cup course. Also, Charlie made two pars on holes #10 (318 yards) and hole #13 (144 yards) and bogeys on holes #2, 4, 8 & 9. He added 35 putts to his total. He was very impressed with hole #10 which dropped down to the hole and Hazeltine Lake and hole #16 with the Payne Stewart bridge. Special thanks to the Anvary's who hosted Charlie and his caddy for the day, Jake who provided him with some good advice throughout his round.Overlooked in all the good times at Hazeltine National on Saturday was that Charlie reached his year-long goal of $2,500 on hole #13 (144 yards) as he got a par. This was his 2nd par of the day and 53rd par of the year with 3 birdies. This trip to Hazeltine brings his season-long total of money to Washington County 4H to $2,513.

Charlie is back in his game and Pheasant Acres (Rogers) was the place to be to start of September as he met the PGA Professional Tom Wiebusch and felt he performed well. He posted a score of 99 (49-50), beating his goal by 16 shots and tallied 4 pars on holes #3 (120 yards), #5 (126 yards), #8 (403 yards) and hole #14 (247 yards). Charlie also hit 7 of 14 fairways and had 31 putts. His 3 Wood worked very well with four recorded drives of 163, 164, 165 & 166 yards down the middle of the fairways. He will be using his 3 Wood at his next stop.

Speaking of next stops, Charlie has his September schedule planned as he will be playing four of his remaining nine courses, starting with Stillwater Oaks on September 7th. He will follow this up with trips to Rum River Hills (Ramsey) on September 14th, Boulder Pointe (Elko) on the 21st and Krooked Kreek (Osceola, WI) to close out September on the 28th. He also has two fundraisers on his list as he will be based on hole #9 at Oneka Ridge (White Bear Lake) for the Teddy Bear Hugs U tournament on Saturday, September 6th and a golf fundraiser benefiting C.A.D.E. (Children with Autism Deserve Education) and ARLP therapy programs. At the Minnesota Valley Country Club on Monday, September 8th.

For more up to date information on Charlie’s progress, you can follow him on Facebook at or Twitter @CBristowGolf


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