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Charlies Golfing Club Update

Charlie compares Clifton Highlands with the Cannon Golf Club which he played last month. On May 9th at Clifton Highlands, Charlie posted a 98 (49-49), beating his goal by 15 shots. Putting was tough on the toughest greens of the season with 37 putts. He hit 8 of 14 fairways as driving was good, but chipping was less than Charlie's high standards.

Despite two rain delays, Charlie was able to fit in his 15th golf course of the season on Sunday, May 17th as he traveled to Goodrich GC (Maplewood, MN). With a goal to beat of 113, Charlie had an amazing round with a 91 (45-46). For only the third time since he started golfing, Charlie had a round with no hole worse than a double bogey. He recorded 5 pars on holes #3 (343 yards), #5 (292 yards), #8 (153 yards), #12 (117 yards) & #18 (286 yards). He hit 8 of 13 fairways and recorded 30 putts.

One of the best rounds of the year at Chomonix, Lino Lakes on May 23rd. With a goal to beat of 114, Charlie surpassed all expectations with a 90 (44-46). His 24 strokes under his goal was tied for the second-lowest ever only surpassed by a round in Amarillo, Texas at -27 below goal. He got his 2nd birdie of the year on hole #4 (174 yards) and recorded pars on holes #11 (196 yards) and #18 (334 yards) by dropping a 35 foot putt. He had 32 putts and hit 9 of 14 fairways with every hole being under a triple bogey for only the fourth time ever.

Another above average round on May 25th for Charlie as he traveled to the Gopher Hills Golf Course (Cannon Falls). With a goal to beat of 111, Charlie posted a 91 (49-42) with 5 pars on holes #4 (384 yards), #10 (253), #11 (396), #13 (139) & #15 (277). He also had 8 bogeys which included one on hole #1 achieved with a 42 foot putt into the hole for a bogey 5. He also hit 9 of 14 fairways. This 91 came despite having 36 putts on the day. His 42 on the back nine was his second-lowest, nine-hole score over par (+6) for Charlie since he started golfing. Another great milestone was reached at this 17th golf course of the year as Charlies Golfing Club members have surpassed $1,000 ($1,038.22) in pledges or donations to Washington County 4H ($612.36) and Fraser ($425.86).

Course #18 is in the books for Charlie's Golfing Club as he traveled to River Falls, WI on May 30th to play at Clifton Hollows. With a goal to beat of 113, Charlie shot a 94 (47-47) with four pars on holes #5 (144 yards), #6 (246), #11 (330) & #13 (231). He added 7 bogeys and 6 double bogeys. He hit 8 of 14 fairways and had 30 putts including nine, 1 putt holes.

Another round similar to the round at Clifton Hollows as Charlie traveled to the Dwan Golf Club in Bloomington, MN on May 31st. Special thanks to GM Rick Sitek who comped Charlie's round which will go to charity. With a goal to beat of 107 on a par 68 course, Charlie shot a 90 (44-46) with three pars on holes #2 (245 yards), #13 (280) and #15 (160). He also recorded 10 bogeys and 30 putts. He was disappointed with hitting 5 of 12 fairways.

A very good round at Hidden Greens (Hastings) on June 6th as Charlie, with a goal of 114, shot a 94 (46-48). He recorded 3 pars on holes #2 (213 yards), #5 (311) and #18 (407), plus 10 bogeys and 3 double bogeys. He hit 9 of 14 fairways with mostly his 3 Wood, but was disappointed in his 37 putts on the day.
A little off his round at Hidden Greens, but Charlie had a good round at the Inver Wood Championship on June 7th. With a goal to beat of 113, Charlie posted a 98 (47-51). He hit 8 of 14 fairways and had 35 putts. He recorded two pars on holes #5 (326 yards) and #13 (228), 9 bogeys and 4 double bogeys. Special Thanks to Matt Moynihan at the Inver Wood Golf Course who comped Charlie's round so it can go to charity. Also, good conversation among his three playing partners and thank you for the $20 donation to charity. Overall, a good day.

Through 21 of the 50 courses played, Charlies Golfing Club members based on Charlie’s performance has pledged or donated $749.18 to Washington County 4H and $522.68 to Fraser for a grand total of $1,271.76 Charlie is planning another 10 courses to complete before next months report. He also will be participating in the annual Fraser Golf Fundraiser at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (Lakeville, MN) on June 22nd. Charlie will base himself at hole #12 (121 yards) and hit the first tee shot and take the first putt for each participating group.

The Tartan high school golf season wound down in late May for Charlie as he participated in the conference championships at Keller GC. Hitting from the blue tees (6,206 yards), Charlie posted a 102 (53-49) with three pars on holes 11 (372 yards), 12 (474) & 13 (138). He also had bogeys on #1, 4 & 14 with double bogeys at 9 other holes. Even though his tee drives were short of his playing partners by a big distance, he was able to play well by his standards and achieve his goal since 7th grade by playing on the Tartan High Varsity. He beat his goal of 117 by 15 shots. Charlie completed the high school season in the sectionals as he posted a 112 (57-55) at Bunker Hills (Coon Rapids). His goal to beat was 120 on this long course on a rainy day. You can find more up to date information on Twitter @cbristowgolf or Facebook at


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