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Watonwan County 4-H Achievement Banquet

4-H In the Barnyard

Hosts: Fieldon Rustlers, Golden Gleaners, Rosendale Skippers

  • Date: Sunday, October 28, 2017
  • Place: St. James Marion Hall
  • Meal: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, Green Beans, Garden Salad, Bread & Butter, Apple or Peach Crisp, Milk & Water

Award applications are due October 3. Awards will not be given without an application.

Meal RSVP due October 22. We will require payment prior to reserving your meal for more accuracy when ordering food for meal preparation. Non reserved meals will eat after the reserved meals/seats.

Award Application and Nomination Requirements

All applications and nominations are due October 3. You can click on the heading for a .pdf version to print or you can complete a word version (has 'Word' listed after the form) under "Downloads" to email back to Sue.

Key Award

First you must meet the 3 below requirements for this award.

  1. Must have completed your sophomore year in high school.

  2. Be a 4-H Member for at least five years.

  3. Have at least three years of active 4-H Youth leadership, as defined below.

Your leadership experience must meet seven of these nine requirements:

  1. During the past three years, you must have attended at least nine meetings for youth and/or adult leaders and shared the information with your club. They can be county leader, federation or council meetings, cluster or district youth leader meetings, demonstration workshops, etc. You cannot count a county fair, Share-the-Fun, or demonstration contest.
  2. You must have been a leader in your local club in at least three of these four ways:

A. Worked closely with at least two younger 4-H members

B. Led six or more 4-H related activities such as club tours, picnics, or Share the Fun

C. Served as youth project leaders in all or part of a 4-H project

D. Led a community service project on conservation of natural resources, self protection issues, ect.

  1. You must have held two club or county 4-H offices (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or reporter.)
  2. You must have served on countywide committees or helped at countywide events at least six times during the past three years.
  3. You must have completed work in at least three project areas other than youth leadership.
  4. You must have entered exhibits in 4-H competition for at least four years, showing evidence of quality work by earning some blue ribbons. You must show evidence of exhibits in youth leadership.
  5. You must have served as a county and/or state 4-H Ambassador for two years.
  6. You must have participated for a total of two years in three special 4-H learning experiences, such as judging contests, Share-the-Fun, communications programs, 4-H camps, Leadership Conferences, Project Focus, or Community Pride.
  7. You must have acquainted others with 4-H by giving talks to non-4-H groups, appearing on radio or TV programs, writing news articles, or recruiting new members or leaders

Yvonne Williams Adult Leaders Award and Yvonne Williams Youth Leader Award

An award has been established in memory of Yvonne Williams, a Peppy Pepper 4-H Leader and Watonwan County 4-H Volunteer.

One outstanding adult leader and youth leader will be recognized annually at the 4-H Banquet. This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME award! 

Members, parents, or adult volunteers may nominate any 4-H Adult or Youth leaders for this award.

Youth Leader Award

This award may be awarded to any 4-H member 7th grade and older and who plays a key role in their club or county leadership roles.

Youth may apply annually for this award. The first year you will receive a 4-H varsity letter and a 4-H pin the following years. 

Youth must apply for this award on their own behalf.

Tween Award 

This award may be awarded to any 4-H member 3rd to 7th grade (who is an active member of the Tween Club). Youth must apply for this award on their own behalf.

Clover Award

This is a one time award and not to be mistaken as a 'Cloverbud' only award.

The Clover Award is a special award for 4-H members who have completed their 1st through 4th year of 4-H. Members must meet all minimum requirements and have participated in at least 3 activities. 

To be eligible for this award, 4-H’ers must meet the following Minimum Requirements.

  • Completed their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of 4-H in the year applied

  • Attended at least five club meetings and/or Cloverbud meetings

  • Exhibited at least two projects at the County Fair

  • Completed a Participation Record

A 4-H’er must also have participated in at least three of the following activities during the year of application. Please check all that you have participated in.

  • Help with 4-H Promotion
  • Fruit/Puffin/McCone Sales
  • General Fair set up
  • County Presentation Day
  • Club Fundraiser
  • Livestock Barn set up
  • Club Share-the-Fun Act
  • Project Meeting
  • Help with Fair Bingo
  • Day Camp
  • Road Ditches
  • Work in 4-H Food Stand
  • 4-H Camp (Regional or Voss Park)
  • Club Family Event
  • State Fair Participant
  • Project Bowl Team
  • Club Educational Activity
  • 4-H Adventures
  • County youth leader meeting
  • Club Officer
  • Shooting Sports
  • Youth Leader lock-in
  • Assist with Club Community Service Project
  • Attend Federation meeting
  • Tween Event
  • Sewing Club
  • County Demonstration Day, Club Meeting Demonstration or Project Talk

I Dare You Award

This award takes its name from the book ‘I Dare You!’ written by William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company in St. Louis. Danforth dared young people to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through their lives of service. He stresses the balance of life; mental, physical, social and spiritual development as the backbone of leadership. 

In Watonwan County, the ‘I DARE YOU!’ leadership award is given to two outstanding youth leaders that are either in 12th or 13th grade.
This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME award! 

Nomination from club leaders or other adult volunteers is required.

Club Officer Recognition

Club Leaders should submit a list of their officers that are members in good standing, and using your best judgement has fulfilled their duties as an officer of your club.
Each officer you recognize will receive a “Certificate of Recognition” and Special Ribbon at the annual awards banquet.

Achievement Award

Achievement Awards (disc) are presented in project area listed on the application. This award recognizes 4-H’ers who have done outstanding work in that project. You will pick 1 or 2 project areas where you think you have excelled this year.

For members grades 3+.

Club of the Year

Every club does great work! Please take the time to fill out this club point system application. 

3rd & 4th Generation 4-H Families

Current 4-H members whose parent/guardian(s), grandparent(s), and/or great-grandparent(s) were 4-H members (in any county/state) can be recognized as a 3rd and/or 4th generation 4-H family!

Golden Award

4-H Members and families can nominate another 4-H member/volunteer for this award. Perhaps someone went above and beyond what was expected or someone that has always been available when called upon. You may also nominate someone for an 'incident' that was too funny not to share.

Youth Member Participation Form

Members please complete this form so we know which activities you participated in.




Susan Craig
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(507) 375-1275
Michelle Knudson
Administrative Assistant
(507) 375-1275

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