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Tips for selecting County Fair exhibits

Projects are the center of the 4-H Program. Here are some things to consider when deciding on your projects:

1. Make a list of things you like or want to learn about. Talk it over with parents, friends, and leaders.
2. Compare your list with the projects available in your county. Again talk it over with others for ideas.
3. Enroll in projects fitting your interests. Set your goals for learning, which should lead to exhibit ideas.
4. Project bulletins may be purchased to get more information, ideas, and activities to aid your learning. Spend time throughout the year doing activities associated with your project areas.
5. Exhibit something in your project area at the fair.

Things to consider/ask about projects:
1. What do you do in this project?
2. What costs might be involved?
3. Is any special equipment needed?
4. If so, can it be borrowed or rented at first until the member is sure they wish to continue in the project area?
5. How much help will be needed from others – parents, leaders, etc?
6. How much can the member do on their own?
7. Is this project age appropriate?
8. Will others in the club do the same project? Will there be project meetings available?
9. How much time will this project take?


Crystal Reith
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(507) 831-4022
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