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County Horticulture Educator in Clay County

    Dormant seeding
    The ideal time to seed lawns in our area is from August 1 to September 1. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to seed lawns in late September because the new seedlings will not mature enough to survive the winter.
    Turfgrass selection
    Selecting the right grass species is crucial for the long term success of your lawn.
    Time to seed your lawn
    Does your lawn have a few bare spots or do you have more bare spots than lawn? In Northern Minnesota, August 1 to September 1 is the ideal time to seed cool season turfgrasses.
    Lawn grass selection
    Selecting the right grass is crucial for the long term success of your lawn.
    Roses for the home garden
    Roses are one of the most popular garden plants in the world due to the diversity of plant form, flower color, and fragrance. 
    Spring lawn care tips
    Lawns are subject to many stressors such as weather extremes, foot traffic, diseases, etc. It is no surprise to find a few areas of lawn that are bare or thin.
    Pruning tips for overgrown or animal damaged shrubs
    Deciduous shrubs that are overgrown or damaged by animals can be a real eye sore in a landscape planting.
    Snow mold in home lawns
    As the snow continues to melt from the lawn, patches of snow mold may be revealed.
    Apple tree pruning basics
    Yearly pruning of apple trees is critical to maintain optimum fruit production.
    Sunshine brings indoor bugs
    As the weather continues to warm, some of us may find unwanted visitors in the interior of our home.

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