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4-H at Neighborhood Youth Services

Youth in 4-H at Neighborhood Youth Services learned about birds and made popcorn bird feeders.

A new 4-H program kicked off this year at Neighborhood Youth Services (NYS). Ron Regal, a longtime volunteer at NYS and a new 4-H volunteer, facilitates youth through a variety of learning experiences.

From Ron:
Last year we started a garden at NYS. The kids really enjoyed planting, harvesting, cooking and eating fresh vegetables. Even holding worms was a first for some of these kids. This year with 4-H, we are aiming to connect the kids even more to science, nature and the outdoors, learning by doing. The kids we work with are elementary school-aged NYS kids from Duluth's Central Hillside area and largely Myers-Wilkins school.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the kids for about four years now.  Being there consistently for a long time has helped in connecting with the kids. Along the way I have learned from them as well, likely as much as they have learned from me. For example, I had no idea going in that footwear would be a barrier to kids enjoying the outdoors.  When you have one good pair of shoes, and shoes in good shape are a status issue, getting your one good pair of shoes muddy is a real barrier – a very different world than for my own grandchildren. So we learn and figure out how to overcome obstacles. This year we are partnering with Goodwill to have outside shoes available at the center for kids to use outdoors.

The 4-H program at Neighborhood Youth Services is open to all youth, and takes place on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.

Photo: Youth in 4-H at Neighborhood Youth Services learned about birds and made popcorn bird feeders.

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