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Wadena County 4-H Monthly Member Spotlight

This month’s member spotlight is known for her amazing shop projects at the County Fair.  If you walked into the 4-H exhibit hall last year, front and center sat a huge and gorgeous oak toy box emblazoned with the word ‘TOYS’ spelled out in children’s blocks.  The creator of this masterpiece?  Miss Chyna Bergman has become a bit of a legend for her works of art in the shop as well as her heart of gold.  She’s too modest to tell you that, though.
Chyna currently serves as our Leader’s Council Secretary; she is a quiet leader, one who prefers to lead by example.  She’s been a member of the West Jolly Jets 4-H Club for three years and an active Wadena County 4-H Ambassador for two; she is a junior at Sebeka High School.  It’s no surprise that her favorite 4-H project area is shop when she is so good at it!   Some other project areas that Chyna has been involved in and enjoys are arts and crafts, beef, and photography and her favorite 4-H activity is the County Fair.

Other than 4-H, Chyna is active in her church, choir, Skills USA, and volunteering at the Thanksgiving Dinner in Sebeka.  While her infectious smile comes natural to her, public speaking doesn’t but it is a skill that Chyna says she has honed and improved through 4-H and continues to be something that she works at.

If you asked her to teach you something In the next five minutes, she’s teach you how to make a shop project which is not surprising if you know Chyna, but it is something that she says people are surprised is a hobby of hers. 
In her free time, Chyna can be found listening to music (country or pop are her favorites) and working toward being the best version of herself which is something we should all continue to do. 
Chyna is a real sweetheart, a joy to be around and a valuable member to have in our program!  While she recently moved to Royalton, she’s staying in 4-H here and assures us that she’ll be back in the area next year and we’re SO glad she will!


Virginia Hendrickx
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(218) 631-7623