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More 4-H in Blue Earth County

County Agriculture Educator

More County Agriculture Educator in Blue Earth County

Master Gardeners

  • Mother of Thousands: A Plant Factory
    Mother of thousands, a succulent native to Madagascar, has a unique method of reproduction in the plant world. Certain cells on the leaf margin spontaneously turn into entirely separate organisms, called plantlets.
  • New Holiday Invader: Elongate Hemlock Scale
    Detected on holiday wreaths sold at Menards and Home Depot, these invasive insects pose a serious risk to Minnesota’s forest and residential landscapes, particularly to evergreens.
  • Elderberry: A Magic Wand for Colds?
    There appears to be a measurable benefit (compared to placebo) to taking elderberry during the flu, but elderberries have a surprising history with humanity.

More Master Gardeners in Blue Earth County

Health and Nutrition

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