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Card games, board games, and hands-on learning...Oh my!

Have you played Germ-O yet? Every club across the state is receiving a set of Germ-O cards in the mail. Germ-O is a teaser activity for the new Zoonotic Disease Toolkit that each county received through a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health.

These awesome new toolkits include ready-to-use lesson plans and the corresponding supplies for clubs or project groups. Check them out from your county or tribal office!

Zoonotic diseases are those that can be shared between humans and animals, like flu or rabies. This toolkit will help youth learn to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases through a series of hands on activities and games. In addition, each county has a new board game highlighting agritourism (like hosting breakfast on the farm).

Once you check out those items, why not create a video highlighting the prevention of spreading zoonotic diseases to win a Glo-Germ lesson kit for your group? The winning team will have the chance to work with a professional videographer to re-produce their video as a commercial for national distribution!

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