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Pine County 4-H & Trollhaugen Skiing and Tubing Trip

GO to the TROLL!

...because Tolls Snow the Trolliest Slopes!!

Trollhaugen Ski area is offering an exclusive date for 4-H enrolled youth and their families to participate in a family fun event; Tubing and down hill skiing.  This year our 4-H Federation has chosen Sunday, February 10 as the date to join them on the slopes.

We have rented a school bus to make traveling to Trollhaugen easier for you and your family.   Keep in mind that in order to ride on the bus, your children must be of school age.  There are no accomodations for car seats or boosters.   The bus will be at the Pine County Courthouse at 1pm.  We will depart by 1:30pm and will arrive at the ski hill before 3.   If you are going to drive seperately, please be sure to meet us at Pine County Courthouse on the 10th at 1:00pm to join us as we caravan to the slopes.  Admission information as well as day activities are listed below:

Skiing and Boarding will be from 3pm until 6:30pm

     Discounted Rates:  $18 includes lift, lesson, hot dog & soda

     Rentals:  Ski $15   Board $19

Tubing will be from 3pm until 6pm

     Rate: $13 includes 3 hours of tubing, hot dog & soda

The  bus will be leaving Trollhaugen at 7pm and returning to Pine County Courthouse by 8:30pm





Frank Moyer
County 4-H Program Coordinator
(320) 591-1650

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