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Follow the 4-H policy when generating funds

Fall is a great time of year for clubs and federations/councils to determine fundraisers and develop plans for seeking donations in order to generate funds to use for 4-H programming throughout the year.  All funds raised in 4-H are public dollars. When planning and carrying out fundraising activities use the following resources and forms:

The information sheet Policy on Generation and Use of Public Funds describes:

  • Raising funds to meet the educational goals of the group.
  • Using fundraising methods that teach youth skills.
  • Permission to use the 4-H name and emblem.
  • Disbursement of funds for the good of the total 4-H group.
  • How funds can and cannot be spent.

Utilize the Approval, Management and Reporting of a Fundraiser information sheet and accompanying forms to:

  • Seek approval to carry out fundraising activities using the income generation application - provide a copy to the program coordinator.
  • Manage funds appropriately when they are collected.
  • Promptly thank donors and others who helped raise funds.
  • Complete and submit the follow up report to the program coordinator.

Use the Fundraising and Donations information sheet to:

  • Select activities that abide by federal, state and local law as well as University of Minnesota and 4-H policies and rules.
  • Determine the methods to be used to raise funds through different types of activities such as food sales, product sales, auctions or donations/gifts (cash or non-cash).

Utilize these information sheets and other resource tools provided when planning and carrying out fundraising activities or seeking donations. Work with your program coordinator when you have questions or are seeking advice about local fundraising efforts.