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Hot Topics

    Dealing with volunteer corn after the storms

    Crops in our area were coming along pretty nicely until tornadoes and winds ripped through on September 20th. Soybeans are mostly okay, but the severe weather caused damage in corn fields. This “downed corn” causes a high potential for corn ears and kernels to be left in the field this fall. As a result, we expect a high occurrence of volunteer corn in these areas in 2019.

    Farmer stress resources

    Several of of our local agricultural producers are currently facing difficult times, due to various factors, but for some farmers, these difficulties were exacerbated by the storms and tornadoes of September 20th. In addition to general farm stress factors such as isolation, lower access to health services, and low commodity prices, the tornadoes caused turmoil for some local farmers. Read on for farm stress resources.

    Have a safe harvest season: tips for harvest safety

    Harvest is always a risky time of year, and with this year’s condensed time frame and additional stress, it is especially important to keep safety in mind. Here are some steps you can take to ensure safety for yourself and others during harvest.

    How to manage Japanese beetles

    The Japanese beetle is a serious pest of turf and ornamental plants. Learn some tips for battling this voracious beetle.

    Rice and Steele counties are crawling with caterpillars

    Two species of caterpillar have been found in large numbers in Rice and Steele Counties this 2018 growing season.

    Tips to identify Wild parsnip

    Wild parsnip is a noxious weed with several look-alikes. Learn how to discern wild parsnip from other roadside weeds.

    Leave your milkweed for monarch caterpillars to munch

    Learn how milkweed plays a vital role in the monarch butterfly's life cycle.

    Some evergreens are looking more brown than green in 2018

    Wondering why your evergreen trees or shrubs haven't greened up this year? Some evergreens in Southern Minnesota experienced severe drying this 2017-2018 winter.

    Spring is here? Not as far as farmers are concerned.

    As of April 20th, we've had 0.0 days suitable for planting in Minnesota. UMN Extension has some advice for coping with potential delayed planting.

    How to check your soil’s pulse

    Learn a few easy ways you can test your soil's microbial activity at home.
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